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Lalala lalala E' Elmo song!!! Cheers!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is it 2 weeks or 1 week? Maybe 6 days?

30th May 2007,

Adam & Eve with theirs new hair-band that their mum gives them... Wahaha...

Pultry lip & kisses for Mr Shy on her phone wallpaper!!! Sweet!

'Happy Feet' on the surf board!!! Actually, she is practising for the SNTM; Singapore Next Top Model programme. Wahaha... Balancing act! Part one.

She tried to hop on the little police cart at Toy'R'Us. But it was too small for her... She just have to make do with it... Haha

Just lazing blissfully around side by side... *sweet yawn*

"Auntie, 2 chicken chops please." & the auntie looked at me with a sense of familarity. . . Haha. I was introduced to the western store like more than one month ago. Apparently, I just fall in love with it. (She love it too) Cheap & tasty is what nice food is all about... Haha. Bought her lunch despite we have already planned to go out after meeting up at her place. Wahaha, tian tian de brunch... The food is still tasty after the journey... Oya, saw her father again but only for a brief moment, "Hi Uncle!". Whaha... Cheeky arh, left me alone to share that moment with him!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A nice 3 hours...

29th May 2007,

Shrek the Hair-Band!!! Look so cute on her... Actually, we saw this band like quite some time ago. Didn't really take much notice of it... However, this Shrek Hair-band has become so common on the streets now. Some people who wore it really look like the offsprings of Shrek. Oops! Not many people can bring out the sweetness and cuteness of the band like how she did it!!! Whoohoo! *Two thumbs up!*

"Stupid examination!" Restricted my ability to make certain judgements on certain things. Haha, all excuses...
I have only myself to blame for all the uproar that she gave me. Not that I am complaining, in fact it is really nice to note that she voiced out her thoughts... Things which she repressed for a long time without realising it. It is time for me to wake me from taking her understanding for granted. Damn! I am a 'Fool'! I thought I was sensitive & observant about my surrounding but apparently I am not! Haiz... Luckily, she was feeling alot better today. If not I will be like blaming myself all day long again. Haha...
So happy that she took the effort and came down to my area for dinner straight after her long day at work. Her presence filled my initially moody mind with warmth and happiness!!! My Pistachio!!! Tian tian de!!! Such a nice evening with her listening to all my woes about family and stuff... 'When you are happy, everything just fall nicely into places'. . . Everything just seem so perfect and amazingly sweet with you...

Monday, May 28, 2007

So Stupid. . .

28th May 2007,

The snail moving away after finishing the packet of fries. Littering sia!!!

Stealth Frigate as in the reduction in radar signature, not 'Invisible'

There she is with my fond mother ship in the background! Both with wonderful memories that are irreplaceable and priceless!!!

It has been such a long time since I last woke up at 5am in the morning. Let alone to wake up just to spend more precious time with anyone. Wanted to take the first train, but apparently I was abit late. 'Late' for the train but damn early for the appointment. In fact, half an hour earlier. Never mind that for I brought my notes along to beat the free time. The air was fresh over there, good environment with lots of morning creatures. Snails, chameleon, birds, mozzies and even a squirrel. . . Haha. There she was! Running out to the gate cause she was 'late' for 5 mins & she don't like people to be late. Hehe. *Morning pecks* and off we go again to the 2nd lao di fang for breakfast... Always love to have breakfast with her at 2nd 'Lao di fang'. Her laughter and sweet smiles never fails to add to the aroma of the coffee & tea... It just perk you up from all your tiredness.

Before long, we are off to the 'main' programme of the day. The Navy Open House. Been such a long time since I went to such thing. Never really like to go such place for such thing. Far away Changi Naval Base with slow transportation system and long crowded queues... Haha. But it is just special this time round. This is the first time I am going back to my previous ship as a civilian. A civilian. (actually my shipmates keep calling me to go back too) Haha. Most importantly, I wanna show her 'proof' of what I have been relating to her about my shipboard life since NS time. Her willingness to go through all the waiting & hot sun is commendable. The wait at Expo is horrendous... We were bombarded with 'Taj Mahal' & 'Tiananmen' citizens. Every 5 Singaporean, 3 of them are non-Singaporean. WTH!!! Are we going to be replaced eventually by immigrants in the next 20 to 30 years time? Nonetheless, the long wait were filled with laughter and sweet moment. She laughed until she got 'tummyache' Wahaha, all thanks to 'Little blower', 'Ja-ku-junk', 'one dollar 50cents' and many many more. . . Haha. Finally, by the time we boarded the 'compulsary shuttle bus', 1 hour an half hour has passed.

I reached the base with excitement and keep on 'blasting' her with all the new information. . . She was silent with smiles and nods most of the time. Haha. I reached my ship with anticipation, so glad to see the 'Best Sonar Ship' marking on the side of the ship that I helped to win. Such a rewarding feeling. Oya, saw Eugene Chng first. . . Still the same old cheeky guy only w/o his trademark moustache. Introduced her to him & she breaks into sweet shy smile. Haha. Onboard the ship and I saw Eddie, Dong ting, Charlie, Anna, Ming shun, Clarance, Adrian, Chan & Nicholas... Haha, all the nice people that I proudly worked with for the past one over year. But didnt expect them to disturb me like the same old days, abit more now with tian tian de besides me. A bunch of cheeky monkeys. Because I was a ex-crew mate, she & I have the privilege to explore the restricted area. Show her my small and cosy crew cabin and even the head (naval term of toilet) that I went to sleep in when I have serious seasickness... Oops... Haha. With her truly presence, I have the honour of calling my Executive Officer(XO) by his name, Adrian!!! Wahaha... Clarance was so excited that he asked me to call his name again. (Rationale, ship crews have to greet him as XO sir). The short stint at the wardroom was fun & funny... I know because she was laughing non-stop. Think she likes to see me kana 'shoot' by people!!! Cheeky arh!

We left the Naval Base with tiredness and abit of sunburn after 1 and a half hour. Fast & furious we hoped on the bus and head back to Expo. This time round for the Food Fair!!! By the way before that we went to 'Mph Book Fair'. Over at the Food Fair, we see campers all around, people who bought their food and just sit anywhere on the floor. Shit! Is this Singapore? Differentiating us from them, we bought our food and left the fair. . . (Not important part, so cut short)

From the east, we travelled to the south... First movie date finally. Not that we want to wait so long to catch one. We just want to wait for a show worthy for us to watch together. Haha. Nice experience during the show, the returns of the 'telepathy' thing throughout the show. Infectious laughter from her again & again... Sweet.

-Fast Forward-

We did something stupid that nearly wrote off all the happy moments for the day. . . Argh... I really cannot hide my unhappiness or worries from people who are really really close to me. Shit! Hmm. . . There she is blaming herself and the aussurance I gave is not enough to cheer her up. Haiz. Cancer is my horoscope, moody is my characteristic even though it is not always true. Stupid arh! Heart drenched when the 'downpour' came... Stupidity is what I understand. Thought we told each other everything, only to find out we are keeping things that might affect our mood. This is a good intention with negative effect. Conclusion of the whole episode, there is never the right time to say the right thing between us, we have to say it out on the spot and solve it together... Dun ever leave is the her 'command' & 'warning' that I promised.
Qi, sorry...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Short stint made possible by her"

26th May 2007,

Nice way to save money. . . Just get each of us a drink and a place to sit & we can talk for hours and hours...

A day of revision at home. . . Boring, boring, boring. . . Haiz. . . Cannot go out, cannot do anything, just plain boring. Luckily, her larky voice perked me up with happiness. Haha. Halfway through the conversation, she suggested a short meet up before she go for her friend birthday celebration and before I go for my family dinner. Such a nice suggestion. . . Hence, she makes her way from the west up to the north before heading east for her appointment. Anyway, she mentioned that she have never travelled just to see anybody before. Let alone so far away. (Haha, tian tian de)

The nervous bug hits me again when I was on my way to meet up with her. . . Still dun understand why I gt this weird reaction whenever I see her for the first time of the day. There she is! My pistachio! Smiling with her best smile and dreamy eyes. I am smitten by her. (Dun eeee...) Haha. We went to the Mac & have a wonderful talk. From a packet of fries, we moved on to the second one. Actually, we wanted to have the 3rd packet but realised we are abit full. Haha. We actually wanted to meet up for 45mins or lesser, but we just drag and drag. From 6pm, changed to 6.30pm. From 6.30pm, changed to 6.45pm. By the time she board the bus, it was 7pm... Whoohoo... Tt's how hard to part from one another. . . Always hanging on till the last possible time before leaving one another. . .

(Side-track abit...)

I think I am abit too paranoid about the safety of my loved ones. Fear theirs safety even if I know they are fully dependent all along or before. I don't know if this is wrong or I am too possessive, but I just don't like the idea that they go home late alone or without the accompany of someone trustworthy. . . If I have a choice, I will definitely fetched them or just keep them accompanied till they reach home safely. I know in the past some of them have done this alone before and nothing happens, but we do not wait for something to happen before taking precaution. I am being abit of MCP or abit 'or~bit' whichever is more suitable. I like to keep my loved ones safe. Safe when they stand on the 'wrong side' of the escalator, safe when there are 'uneven' road, safe from 'preying-eyes', safe from the 'lonely' night & many many more... I think I have my dad's gene on that. We want just want to keep our loved ones safe, especially they are 'vulnerable'... Maybe I should learn to be more 'sui bian' on such things. But I will need time to change my perception. Give me some more time and I will not be bother by such stuff anymore. . . Good good. . .

Phew~ Such a naggy side track. . . Anyway I am going back to my ship tomorrow for a 'reunion' and show her to my wonderful shipmates and memories!!! Ok ok Nitey Nite!!!

Beaming Smiles

25th May 2007,

Squashed!? Or Crawling out from the floor? She thinks this is funny enough to post it!!! Wahaha... ...

Dreamy in her own rights... Tian tian de... Hehe

Listening to the love ballards, the mood is just great. . . Holding on to one another, we sway with each single meaningful stanza. . . The feeling is lovely. . . Simple things but great feelings. . . This is what we seek in each other. Her changes in perception is atonishing. Since I known her for so many years, I can really see drastic changes. Mostly in the positive ways, or rather in accord with mine. Not that I am forcing or pressurizing her, but it just came naturally. Voluntarily changes will be more meaningful than involuntarily one. Through her, I have gained a greater understandings of certain things. The assurance & promises that she made will pleasantly cling to my heart. . . I will not forget about all these promises of yours & I will not forget mine. . .

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The 'Proposal'

24th May 2007,

Immerse day of messages and phone calls... A heart to heart talk on how we didnt realised that we missed quite a few chances before this. So funny to look back on certain things. How she sent me postcard w/o promise from aust, & how I got her first bdae present out of the norm. Wahaha. So nice to have a friend with such level of trust during those days. . . Not that I'm leaving out my own little foursomes lah. Haha. Appreciating one another is hard, to treasure something without losing it first is even harder. That is why we are working things out to the fullest.
Many topics we touched on tonight. . . But the best part is the M**** & dolly with Button nose part. I just want eveything to come true, of course not all togther but gradually...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

8 Hours. . . Phew!!!

My bro likes her... Here we are, having our dinner......

23rd May 2007,

Finally, after 2 days of 'seperation' we finally meet up. . . The anticipation is rewarding, for it just makes the 'rendezvous' more precious. Sweet & loving smiles open up the ceremony to a wonderful day of Branchel's. Absence does makes the heart fonder... As I said before, we just need the companionship of one another to make our day a fulfilling one. When you sang that song, you just sound so sincere. . . Though I didn't say much, but I fully love it. I want everything to come true immediately at that moment. Wahaha. . . Such a wonderful day that I am embracing everything literally. Oya, the little gift from you is very thoughful. So sweet of you... The day ended with a sense of Happiness...

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All i wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
I'll kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

I'll need you
I'll feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed if you've had too much to drink
I could be the man who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

The day is intense, I got shag look my mum said... I am going to get my sleep. *yawn*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Looking Forward. . .

22nd May 2007,

The exams are coming, and it has been such a long time since I last sat for any examinations. Scary shit... Endure, endure!!! Argh... ...

The day passed by slowly without her in my sight & touch... Just so weird everytime... We are now back to what we best @ maintaining our communication whenever we didin't meet up -- SMSes. Whahaha... So amazing that we managed to maintain contact through smses without seeing or calling each other for more than 2 years. A unqiue friendship calls for a unqiue way of communicating. Haha. Luckily, now we are trying to give one another call in the noon to ease our 'xiang si bing'. The endless msges make me smile in the most unexpected ways. (sumone on the bus smile back at me when actually I was smiling at my hp) Hehe.

"Don't u dare take a step back! I'll fly to russia arh. . . " is the new 'threat' that brought me to a new level in the understanding of certain things. So funny! I never care about 'threats' because I have confident that these 'threats' will never come through. However this time it is different, the 'threat' just brought a whole new meaning to our r/s altogether. I'm used to being self-centered but I am changing. . . When you said you are changing your 'flying' stand because of some sweet reasons, my heart tells me that I cannot be selfish anymore. Not that I am pressurised into to it, I am really doing it in my own accord. . . What you said is most true, nothing is more important than those you love the most. (I guess Mdm Za got you thinking more yah...) Haha.

The inmerse amount of beautiful and sweet memories in such a short period of time is most commendable. Even a little 'tian tian de' become our best identity, first thing that Jolyn will say whenever she see me will be "aiyo hen tian leh or tian tian de!" Haha. Our expectation of sweetness is almost identical, we just need a simple setting and we can talk about anything, even feedbacks on the most sensitive issue. . . Simple long walk is a good way to nurture such sweetness... (except for the occasional attack by the tree 'para-ants' or 'peanut butter-fly') Wahaha. . . We need no fanciful dinner or late night shopping, we just need one another company. I am so going to let her never see the same thing in the same way again. I inserted my own cheekiness into things that are common to everyone. Eg, 'the Happy Feet dance', the 'ah do commercial' & the 'teochow porridge shop'... Wahaha.

"Qi, even if you go Russia, Mr Shy will bring you back no matter what as long as Branchel's love stays... ..."


Monday, May 21, 2007

Good Response!!!

21st May 2007,

No 'Tian tian de outing' today. . . So damping. But the endless messages and the few calls are just enough to curb the the tip of the iceberg only!!! Wahaha. Hmm... the 'missing' feeling is intense. Not one moment is passed without her image surfacing in my mind. *sweet sigh*
Oya, today had a nice talk with my brother. Such a long time since last heart to heart talk... I am glad that I opened up to him. Asked his opinion and I am glad that he is receptive to new changes. Very encouraging... He also shared his thought on her... Very positive. & I know at least my mum will be like that too... For her sake, I will do whatever is needed to make it a perfect moment on the condition that nothing will b rushed... Dun want to pressure her into something that she might fear. I am already very contented to have her standing by the plan on the pair of Tiffany's... Wahaha. . . I want my 'whole world' to know. Just like how I got to know her grandma... Hehehe, Next target after bro! Ah Ma!!! Ah Ma I am going to let you know soon... Stay tuned...

Time is Precious!

20th May 2007,

The first month of everything...

Many pictures below to indicate the 2 days of celebration ( actually more on 20th one) . . . Wahaha. . .

Took this in the library @ esplanade... A comfy corner with comfy ambience... & comfy company...

She gt a sweet-tooth for ice-cream, chocolate and coffee... 3 in 1 combi at Haagen Daz. & Tian tian de just love it!!!

The cheeky moment that we both love... So nice...

Our subtle reflections on the glass panel...

Oya, Dim Sum in Chinatown... Stupid stuffs happened & made tourists laughed... I am a good ambassdor of Singapore Tourism Board.
For some reasons, I am distracted. In the end I got my retribution... Only Rach knows... Shhh... ...

See how she loves the Dim Sum? I wonder whether is it because of me or the food too attractive...

Our 'trophies'!!!

Ooooo, I love the Airport... Everything is nice with her presence...

'Love triumphs all' anniversary...
Initially, I didnt expect things to be so special. . . Expected things to be slow for we know what we wanted. . . However, the new found identity in our r/s just intensify events between us. Propelling us to the no U-turn stage as we are now. . . Mutual commitments. . . This is a stage where we really take this r/s very serious. Want to make plans for everything. She knows & I know. Thank you Miss Pistachio. Love ya.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am so HAPPY!!!

19th May 2007,

An overwhelming day. Every moment is precious, and everythings we said is priceless. It is a emotional meeting today and I am really grateful for it. Many a time, the morning dew tried to rush out of my eyes. So powerful is her change in her beliefs because of me. So touched. You will never know how wonderful I feels when you told me straight looking into my eyes... Totally agreed with you when you said that the duration of a relationship does not really matters. It is the substance within that relationship that matters... I got so many things to say but all so soulfully private for the both of us...

Thank you so much... I am speechless...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Navigator of Mine

18th May 2007,

For the past 3 days, morning messages has never been the same again. Every single message is written with the utmost truthfulness. In fact, a whole new level of truthfulness. In the sea of uncertainty, I catches a glimpse of light. With your guidance, I navigates through the rough sea. Reaching the shore is never easy, for darkness lurk in the sea. That is why I fully appreciates the hand that never let go during the journey... Liking someone is easy, but for two person to really fall in love is hard... But I really thinks that I have found that special one to fall in love with. For whatever she says, I take it seriously. Her expectations of the future is important to me. She may have her doubts but fortunately she has not make a haste decision yet... Dear, it is my responsibility to hold you through that uncertainty of yours in time due. Nothing is too early to start first... & before you reach the shore with me, I will never leave you alone... A promise with the deepest commitment I can ever gathered...

This song's Lyric says all that I wanted to...
Josh Groban《When You Say You Love Me》

Like the sound of silence calling
I hear your voice and suddenly
I'm falling
Lost in a dream
Like the echoes of our souls are meeting
You say those words
My heart stops beating
I wonder what it means
What could it be
That comes over me
At times I can't move
At times I can heardly breathe
When you say you love me
The world goes still
So still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment
There's no one else
AliveYou're the one
I've always thought of
I don't know how
But I feel sheltered in
Your love
You're where I belong
And when you're with me
If I close my eyes
There are times I swear
I feel like I can fly
For a moment in time
Somewhere between
The heavens and earth
Frozen in time
Oh, when you say those words
When you say you love me
The world goes still
So still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment
There's no one else
And this journey that we're on
How far we've come and I
Celebrate every moment
And when you say you love me
That's all you have to say
I'll always feel this way
When you say you love me
The world goes still
So still inside and
When you say you love me
In that moment
I know why I'm alive
When you say you love me
When you say you love me
Do you know...
How I love you


The Declaration...

17th May 2007,

This is the best picture taken yet... Together with our ratties in a dreamy state... Truly lovely...

Walking through the memory lane, the level of intensity is still high. Everyday is a new day of new experience for me. Gaining new understanding for one another is very important. With the years of friendship as foundation, I can says we are coping very well. When face with problem, we will set it on the 'table' and sort all things out within the same period of time. super effective & efficient. Wahaha. With the coming of the full month, we realised that time really files... From the first lunch meeting in school till now, all events passed by so fast. Is it because of the companionship? Or is it that the world is spinning faster because of Love? Haha... Whatever the reason is, I fully appreciated what have happened. For all the changes are heading in the right direction. She is a wonderful intruder in my life, cause she stole nothing, instead giving me a new lease of happiness. Her willingness to change for our future is astonishing... Heart-warming at the same time. I want to thank her despite my detest for formalities in a close relationship. Her encouraging words never fails to lift me up from the bottom of the pit. Her sweet smile never fails to brighten up my days. Her dreamy eyes never fails to 'dian' me over and over again... ...
Seriously speaking, she is a strong. Her ability to understand things is taking a toil on her small frame. I am guilty for that, for the insecurity and the fear of losing someone important. I am really doing my best to break away from all the messy situation I have created. But somehow, the mess just clings to me... Lucky for me, she is so understanding and forgiving enough to want to carry the excess 'baggage' with me. Lessen the weight, and eventually disposing it... Cause Branchel's love triumphs all!!! Do not fear the unknown, cause you know I am there to share your woes & you are there to share mine... I am blessed to have you by my side now as your commitment is wonderful...
Tian Tian de, Yong yuan Yong yuan de...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good old days...

16th May 2007,

Through the anticipation of seeing her straight after class, I realised that I am still shy... The thumping of the heart and the ticking of the clock synchronized... Even before my class ended, friends have been informing me that she is waiting outside... Wahaha, my class clique know who she is le... Stupid Linh even addressed her as 'sister' after we met up outside my Lt Rm... She became part of my school life... ...
We then went back to our old school... A travel back to our good old days with the 'attitudeness' when we just get to know one another. Met up with some teachers. Mr Tay, Mr Wong, Mdm Ong, Mdm Zarina, Mrs Meyer and etc. I was invited to chat with Mr Wong and she was invited to talk to Mdm Zarina... All the teachers are wonderful. Keep asking about us, some teasing and even blessings from some... So sweet... Mdm Ong said to give her a pic of the baby next year, while Ms Wu congrats and even told us must stay Loving always... Haha... All like '2nd parents' to me. So sincere and quick to give encouragement... 'I'm amazed at how Mr wong remembered all the thing that I done and what my parents had said before... So fatherly... Haha. He keeps teasing me about rach & me, and he looks so cheeky when he did that. Haha. No doubt meeting up with them is good, but I realised that my precious moment is shortening. Hence, I sent tian tian de a 'signal' that we are running out of time to spend for ourselves... Wahaha...
As we left the school, we brought with us blessings and sweetness from the visit... What we did after that is just so dreamy, happy, amazing & lovely... I am cutting short Because it is getting late... Wahaha...
16th May 2007,
Yay!!! Finally can upload pictures loh... So many pictures left untouch due to the stupid blogspot error... Wahaha.
As such, the following pictures were taken during the 72 Hours... Not in order though.

At her shop, there she is with her 'dian yen'...

A very nice picture taken at a mall in Chinatown...

See the contrast between a modern beauty & the roll of old shop houses?

Took this picture early in the morning before heading to Mac for breakfast. (above & below pics respectively)

Night of teasing and laughter...

Best of the best...

R they going to tag team???

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

15th May 2007,

(Add in the Christmas Jingle, From Tian tian de)

You better watch out,
You better not dian,
I'm telling u why,
Rachel's gonna electrocute u
Until u black

A song to another rat... According to her the competition is on. But there was never one in the first place, only one special you...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

72 Hours

14th May 2007,

The Rendevous is officially over... But not before a string of happiness and tian tian de events...

A sense of sweetness filled the air in the morining when I was woke up to a familiar face. There she is with her smile and 'flattening' technique. Morning has never been that great despite the lack of rest...

Funny... Her ah ma called again, asking her all sort of questions repeatedly... Haha, her ah ma dotes on her. Like a small little girl, she earnestly listens to her ah ma's interrogation. Wahaha... Took the train and went to that place in the southern part of Singapore. Oya, before that, we had tian tian de egg tarts again.

The fact that she did not have enough rest is taking a toil on her stomach. Attack of the 'Flu' bug... Now she cannot really enjoys her fave food & coffee. Stupid arh... The day just flew past us with the accompany of each other. Never thought I can just stay in one place for such a long period of time. But it just did, not once mind you. Haha... Before long, we are on our way to the chalet...

Long sweet walk has become part and parcel of every outings... The walk to the chalet is no less... We did the 'telepathy' thing again & again within the short stint into the park... So amazing... When we reached glynis's chalet, the teasing starts... Luckily it didnt last too long... Went to the beach while waiting for Jokeong's arrival... 'Lao niu pull cart' lah they... The waterbreaker, the sea, the stars and the cool breeze... Wonderful settings! Hahaha... ...

Went back to the chalet when Jokeong reached... Shit! The teasing started again... Of course with the lead of Jolyn Lin Chin Fen... Cold sweat Hot Face clinged to me most of the night... For tian tian de, she just keep on laughing... Just love it when she smile and laugh like tt... Wonderful night with the on- going teasing spreading to all the couples around... Even weekeong is now 'henpecked'... Wahaha, but Jolyn cared so much for him now. Glad to see that.

The journey home was no less fun... All the unexpected stuff happened within the confined space of the madza 3... Jolyn & her nonsense, Weekeong & his protectiveness, Pearl with her him , Me with the shyness & her as the Special one... So nice... I wished it never had ended... The best 72 hours...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Love @ Weekend!!!

13th to 14th May 2007,

Continuing the rendevous till the next day... Things were great for both of us... Realised that daybreak happens in the duration of few mintutes... Morning without much rest has never been so great... Finally, fulfilled the the promise of waking up with morning kisses and it a wonderful experience. She is such a sweet little Y tou, love her always...

Walking hands in hands, we went to have breakfast again @ Mac. Happy breakfast feeling as usual... Nice company triumphs all other factors; 'merlion', "brats', raining, Kiasu worker etc... I'm living in a dreamy state since last night with all her dreamy and sweet expressions. Her happiness is the greatest concerns for me.

After the morning activities, we went to the southern part of Singapore for our next venture into 'togetherness' or 'anywhere is great with you' notion. Wahaha... The most nerve-breaking part of the day... (Visiting her grandma house) arghh... Nervous freak is who I am... Stomachache, sweating palms, fiddling and many more. I just can't help it. It is in me. Me, me ME!!!

Luckily, her grandma & uncle are very friendly. Firm handshake from her uncle is comfortable, while her grandma hospitality is welcoming... I didnt regret making the trip with her. Everything is because of you, you! JUST YOU! haha...

The night is still sweet even though I'm abit quiet because of some uneasiness... But it is all worth while. Gotta makes full use of this opportunity to consolidate our r/s before committing my time to the examination in the coming weeks... Love all the things we done and glad for this nice 'gift' of weekend. Now, she is beside me & I just love her accompany even though she is watching her dvds. . . Wahaha... Love triumphs all!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


12th & 13th May 2007,

The rendevous has not ended yet... No updates available... You want to know more? Stay tune... Wahaha...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Part 1

11th May 2007...

Stupid Blogspot! Cannot even load up a single picture... So irritating! So many things to share but just can't get it right.

Oya, the main topic of today is my trip to Carvid Collection @ shenton way!!! Before that, we had a nice lunch at Subway and nice choc ice-cream from awfully choc. It is awfully nice though, irony I guess. Nonetheless, we spent wonderful time at the shop. Taking pics and having our good old tea break session together again... I truly enjoyed myself every moment of the time we spent together. Amazing, I have no craving for any afternoon nap today & she did not have any coffee at all. I guess ours presence just make us awake... Wahaha...

After she closed shop, we embarked on the journey to Bugis on foots again... Strolling down the shenton and clarke quay area is nice. So many things to see and talk about... Best part is her sweet smile throughout the day. Cannot imagine why anyone can smile like that... So heart-warming. Haha. . .

Anyway this is only part one of the weekend programmes. . . Stay tuned folks...

Oya, sorry that I pulled away. It just doesn't sound right at that moment. Sorry if you are hurt, but hope you understands that it means no harm...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A day of Teasing...

10th May 2007,

Rachel, rachel, rachel... Even when I did not meet up with you, your name keep surfacing. This is probably due to the 2 green-eyed monsters that I met up with today. They are, Jolyn Lin Chin Fen & Darren Wong Guo Qiang!!! Idiot, keep on disturbing me throughtout the whole lunch. What tian tian de, what love triumph all, then later gt this gt that lah... My blood pressure today super high! Shy reaction is what I can use in retaliation only. BUT! At the end of the day I do not care! Cause you can read our blogs and even place your own judgements but what matters is WE ARE HAPPY!!! Whoohoo... Haha... Seriously speaking it was a nice meet up. By teasing me & her, it shows that you guys have been updating yourself about me!!! Hahaha. Good huh! *Proud of myself* *Claps* Thank you thank you... Ok don't say I didn't mention Friends in my blog except Mrs Shy ok! I will list some of the names; Jolyn, Weekeong, Guoqiang, Xiayan, Aliah, Samantha, Helaine, Zhyer, Linh... ... And of course many many more friend!!! All remembered! No worries... Ooo by the way Jo & GQ, cannot upload the pictures leh... Don't know why... Haha.

Alright, back to the Topic of the day!!! Tian tian de... Wahaha. Obsession is high on the list for me... I need to get pills to curb my new found condition~'DWS' It is actually a very rare condition that only 1 in 10,000,000,00 people will get it... (Shit, I keeps smelling the lotion. Omg! Relapse again!) But it is ok as long as... ... Nvm. The weekends are nearing and I am so looking forward to it. Be it good or bad I will embraced it whole-heartedly cause it is just precious... Haha. Anyway I going to finish up my assignments! Yipee! Last assignment le!!!

09th May 2007,

Anticipation is the the key to the good mood for the earlier part of the day... I am so alert even though it is math lecture... After school I had lunch b4 rushing to a cafe in shenton and act cool. Went there, bought magazine and coffee... Placed myself in a comfortable crouch and waited patiently for the magic hours. Meanwhile, halfway through the ordeal, I received an interesting msg. She & her mum are coming to subway for lunch... So nervous, I told myself to stay in the cafe and not move out to peep at her... Wahaha. But somehow, somebody just dare me to look her up. So I took my phone and wallet and walked out of the cafe. I was looking around when I saw a familiar person, there she is, siting there munching on her sandwich... Tian tian de... The moment we had eyes contact, I went back to the cafe knowing that she is holding back her smile and laughter. Cos her mum is just sitting right in front of her. So funny! As usual, cheeky arh, stupid arh, funny arh, will be the reward I get for doing cheeky stuffs... Maybe even add on a pinch on my cheek...

Nonetheless, the meeting was damn super nice... Watches-seeing has become a fixture. Even looking at furnitures is considered. We went to MS, Millennia Walk & Suntec... We didnt really shop much but we were always pre-occupied. sharing silent moment and other personal stuffs that really brighten up the day. Once again, we conincidentally telepsychic each others thought again. Said the same stuffs and sometimes she will reply things which I haven even ask... so nice and amazing how such chemistry exists... Wahaha... Sweet things she did when she credited her wearing of skirt today cause she wanted to let me see... Haha, ok what! She looks nice is skirt... In fact she looks nice in most outfits... Wahaha. Anyway, the best parts of the day was @ the library @ esplanade & the parting scenario... The 'scene' at the library was beautiful. Nice ambience with the perfect settings... Haha. Last but not least the parting was so reluctant that we have to self-impose timing on ourselves...

Meanwhile, we are both looking forward to the next 'redenzvous'... Wahaha... Good nitez.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mr Cool not Mr Shy

08 May 2007,

Hmm... It just doesn't feel right to miss something or someone so badly. I have been to NS, been away from home for weeks and months before, but it is just so different. Feel so weird that I considered checking myself into a rehab if ever there is one for such syndrome. Since the morning I have been Mr Cool. Frowning and stone smile for people I dislikes and likes respectively. Paying attention in class did help to lessen the side-effect. For once, I dun look forward to be off school so early. Hope that the lecturer can impart more knowledge, but no. Stupid administrators came to the class and do some shit which doesn't concern me. Hence, I left for the destination, HOME. Home early is just so weird... Empty add on to the emptiness I already had... Stupid move. Sleeping came to my mind... The next best thing after rehab. Haha. Tomorrow will be a better day i presumes... The coming weekend should be great... For now, my bed is calling me. Night.

I got nothing to say...

7th May 2007,

Wonderful day b4 the start of one man standing... I dun have much too say... Thank you for such a wonderful day out. The parting is so reluctant... Haiz, I am going into stoning state. Good night...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A restless day...

06 May 2007,

Today, we didn't meet up. But it is alright... Cause I know she will think of me... That is because I am also missing her... Missing and not meeting up is a really bad feeling. You cannot concentrate with what you are doing. Instead, you will be wondering what she is busying with. Coming monday it will soon be the 'last day' that we will roam the campus together. Shitty feeling... But we have to be practical. Rational thinking. Together we will work things out... Whatever it is, the tian tian feeling will not fade off... We will be focus. Endure, endure and endure... Wahaha...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

5th May 2007,

Sleepyness has caught me up with a bang!!! I have been knocking out these few days at such an alarming rate. Did not even have time to react to the environment. The next thing I knw is the sun ray caressing my face... Whoohoo, caressing sia. Anyway, I will wake up with guilt and apologies. It is because there will be someone that I didnt get to say goodnight to in the previous nights. For instance, yesterday night, somebody waited for me till 4am, 3 missed calls, 2 smses and many nudges! But I was too unconscious... Partly also because my hp always set to silent mode. Nonetheless, I met up with her for lunch cause I felt so guilty & also I really wanted to meet her for the weekend. Haha. Nice lunch though. we even went for little shopping in the heartland. I am becoming a heartlander sia. Hahaha... Seriously I am enjoying it... So nice, dun have to push around in the weekend crowd... We have so many plans, wonderful ones especially. Thinking of it is good enough, cannot imagine how it will be like to really do it in the future. Spain, Perth, Ninja sneaker nights-out etc...

The feeling is intense. I don't feel like we have just started, we have understanding that it cannot be defined through the measurement of time. Maybe it is the years of friendship but it does not really matters. Happiness & Togetherness are... "that's the least they should do; but that's the best they can do" & "we will walk walk first then see how" are testimonials to our chemistry. It is okie if you people do not understand, that is why I'm with her and not you!!! Wahaha. *sorry* ~like abit rude~

Last but not least... I will always remember the day (3rd of May) that u got 'evening dew' in your eyes. That will serve as a reminder for me not to do the same thing again. For Donald trumps everything!!! Oops I mean Love Truimph everything!!! Whoohoo... So shiok after a nice rest!!!

Shenton Are@

4th of May 2007,

We started the fun part of the day with the her doodling while she was waiting for me to finish my project. When I went to look for her after my project, I saw her piece of paper full of our names. So funny. She must be so bored while waiting to have done that. Nonetheless, we took pictures of all the name and I decided on this as the Top of the Chart.

Next, we went to the southern part of the island and have fun!!! We went to get ice cream from 'awfully chocolate' @ shenton way. The shop is so concealed that I thought it was just another beauty saloon. Nothing indicates it's identity as a cake and ice-cream shop. Haha. No regret, it is truly awfully nice chocolate ice-cream.

This picture that you see here is the beginning of our photo shot series of the day... We took it while we were @ Fullerton Hotel...

See, Fullerton Hotel in it's magnificent state... Very colonial.

The rest of the photo that you will see are some of the best shots of the day. Of course, some are kept for own viewing inly...

Does this picture even look like it was taken in Singapore?

There she is! Standing beside the Totem pole!!!

Beautiful shot! Such serenity!!!

See the lamp post in contrast with Singapore skyline?

We took shots all along the way and we will just compare and contrast what we have taken. Simple things but it is just so sweet. The hot sun did not dampen our mood. Instead it helps to get us in the mood to take more pics!!! Thank you.

I love this shot. Standing by the railing she looks so relaxing and comfortable. Only She is the focus, the rest are just extras... It is just so nice to know someone who shares many interests with you.

After the photo-taking, we went to Liang court. We went in to one of the furniture shop. Guess what? The sales person keep recommending furnitures to the two of us... C'mon on man! Do we look like we are at that kind of age already? Wahaha... Just so fun. Going on to Kino is just as fulfilling... It has been a long time that I can stay in a bookstore for so long and not one moment feeling a sense of boredom. It is just wonderful. Rach thank you for all the happy time we always have... Things are just superb.
Together, we will walk through this journey happily and fruitfully... With Love, Brandon.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Apology!

3th of May 2007

She has been having this 'smirk' face for the past few days... I think she wants to get smack from me... Haha. Not possible lah. She is 'strong'.

Many things have changed for the both of us. In the past, we were like the self-centered character in our previous relationship. We do what we want and just wait for other parties to pacify us. However, things have changed for both of us... I said sorry to her and even went all the way back just to be with her. I just cannot leave her alone. I'm glad I went back as we have a great time after. Last but not least, I just cannot bring myself to ever leave her alone like that again. I promise!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Brightest Star of All

02 May 2007,

Picture of the day,

Never have I like to take pictures. This time round, it is just so different. I want to capture every single moment of our time together. Whenever I see she is doing something worth remembering, I will just bring out my phone and shoot it! Somehow I think she is getting used to it. Sometime she will even pose for it... The tian tian feeling is still lingering in the air, this is despite the fact that we are both rather busy now. She is mugging for her exam and I have like so many project and assignment to do. That is why I treasured every moment we had in the school together. Seriously speaking, ever since school started I have been rather tired. I will fall asleep easily on the bus, cab and even the MRT. I am not complaining, it is just that I want to emphasize that whenever I see her or with her, tiredness is the last time on my mind. The worse that can happen is to get a cup of latte to keep me awake. Haha. Toaday we went to the rooftop again. Feeling is great despite the stupid floodlight. I love to share silent moment with her. Looking into the sky, pointing to her which are the real stars. Deep in my heart, she is the brightest star of all. I not being glib tongue and I know I am True. On the way down, I finally did the 'cornering'. Not the best as yet, but at least I tried. The school is just not condusive. Haha... I cannot say much cause I am going to bury my face into my assignment again. I am Happy! & Hope you are too!

These is what Happiness can do to people... We played with food. The one with the super thick lip one is her! While the other one is me. Wahaha... These are our favourite tea break snacks...

Quote of the Day;

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,My Love as deep; the more I give to tHee,The more I have, for both are infinite.

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