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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 You!

28th Jan 2008!!!

Happy Birthday To You Darling!!! Big Hug and Deep Kiss for you!!! Cheers!!!
Whoohoo, 27th Jan 2007 was Rach's first birthday that I was invited to. Of course, that was when we were both friends. This time round, it is totally different!!! *wink, wink* Haha...

I hope I did/planned the itinerary well enough for Titide's 22nd birthday.... Hehe...

Anyway, this is an back-dated blog, but the memory is still fresh and sweet. I love 28th Jan... Meanwhile, I probably won't blog much for Rachel have a better entry than I do. So what I did was to upload those beautiful pictures that we took on that day....
Enjoy folks... :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Huggies!!! (Oya, I made her a birthday card! *Flex muscle* Haha.)

Tada!!! The first 'encounter' when we entered the zoo... Wild Arowana...

My Birthday gal posing on her special day... Slurps!

Mr Croc staying still in hope of biting my butt... Wahaha... But I spotted it first! Loser!!! Wahaha...

Ooo, Mr Pedro and it's familly... Rach love the otter family...

The shirt she worn that day is a present from topshop... Hehe...

Racing between the manatee and the penguin... Of course the penguin won.

A sweet smile from my belovable girl...

Raja!!! Stay put!!! Stop distracting our background!!!

Get lost Raja! I'm taking a pic of my darling can!!!

Who is that little girl? Doesn't she pose as a stark constrast to the largest land mammal?

While waiting for the Splash show, we already having a splashing good time! Period!

Jaguar in da house!!! Vroom!!!

Hissing Cockroach!!!

But I got a pest-terminator!!!

Reticulated Python bigger than my petite darling...

U can tame the carnivous by being naturally sweet!!!

Rach adore these Meerkats...

The restless cheetah... Just can't keep still. Keep on prancing up and down. Naughty kitty!

The first locally born polar bear!!!

Her beauty is unblemish by our 98% genetically similar orang utans.

We leave a deep glow in each other lives.

Last but not least, dinner was settled at Miramar Hotel... Exactly 1 year ago where all it started... Sweet... Darling, I'm glad you told me you are really happy! Love you! Muacks!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nine Month of Branchelling...

20th January 2008,

First of all, I apologize for one of the 'un-sweetest' anniversary that Branchel had by far since we started being together. Darling must be damn 'bu shuang' about it. Haha. Sorry titide.
I really got no choice, for today just happened to be the day of celebration for my granny birthday too. Boo! On the other hand, my mum literally dragged me to get my new year clothes. Thus I wasn't able to spend such a meaningful day with Rach. Sorry, dun angry yah... *Pull my ears* Hehe...
Anyway, HAPPY 9MONTHS OF BRANCHELLING together yah. Deep from my heart, I swear that this has really been a period of 'fun' and 'funny' for me. Everyday there are bound to be something blissful for me to marvel and to cheer on. All these are possible only because of one factor, and it is none other than my beloved Rachel... Darling, thank you for such all the wonderful experiences that I never thought I could experienced it before. You are such a jewel that never fail to put a smile on my face and brighten up my day whenever I'm with you. More specifically, it is your sweet smile and your utmost sincere love that always managed to make me feel so blessful. Rach, it is always amazing looking at how we have progressed from then till now. Even till now, I am still easily amazed by it. I'm glad all of these are for real. For every morning, I wake up to your embrace through the chinese messages that I received from you. While every night, I get to sleep peacefully with the blanket of your sweet phone calls.
Darling, thank you for everything & I really love you. Muack... Once again, Happy 9th month anniversary to you...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Redhill... Part 1.

12th Jan 2008,

I have heard of Redhill, passed by Redhill, but I have never gotten the chance to explore this old estate before. That is the case until yesterday of course. Well, the main reason that I was able to explore around Redhill is because of darling. One of the student that she is giving tuition to, stay there. Haha. Oya, by the way I actually waited for darling to finish her lecture at 5pm even though my class ended at 12.30pm. During the wait I went through abit of my notes and spending majority of the time on 'eating' newspaper/current affairs. Anyway, coming back to Redhill, the time taken to travel from Clementi to Redhill was rather short. I wonder if it is because of the company. Haha. Nonetheless, I scanned Redhill with my bespectacled small eyes. The environment seem so nostalgic. Just like everything that I remembered during my childhood experience over at Whampoa. Haha.

Holding her hand, she guides me to block 81. Kissing goodbye for the next 1 an a 1/2hr. I was alone in an old old estate. Wah lau. I have never see so many elderly before in such a short period of time. As far as I know, only Chinatown have such large population of elderly. Haha. While sitting at the void deck, I realized that every 10 people who passed by me, at least 7 of them are oldies; global aging population arh...

After the short wait, I finally saw darling emerging from the lift with a 'stoned' face. Guess she was really pissed with jiayi and AC Nielsen. Stupid AC Nielsen! Report you to CASE and MOM arh!!! TMD. *Middle finger* Hahaha... Oops! While trying to cheer her up, we went to the wet market cum hawker centre for our dinner. So many people sia. Haha. Dinner was simple with aromatic herbal stew duck rice. Haha. Herbal as in the soup lah. Rather nice. Slurp! Btw I was 'prohibited' from heaty food, so no bbq sting-ray and sambal sotong. BECAUSE I WAS NOT FEELING WELL FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS... ARGH. But I must listen to darling. She meant care and concern and I really appreciate it. MUACK. hehe...

After dinner, we actually walked from Redhill to Queensway; IKEA, with my arm (right arm) sling over titide's neck. Tian Tian de. Haha. Went to for our regular dose of 'furniture-shopping' at IKEA. I love discussing about the different furniture with darling. In my opinion, you actually get to understand more about one another through the different selection of the furniture pieces. For example, I got to know that darling would like to have the colour combination of gray, white or black for branchelfort in the future. Wahaha...

Sorry, very tired. Goodnight. Continue again.... Haha.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!

05 Jan 2008,

Happy New To All!!!

Took last week during our stint to east coast for cycling. The heavy rain did not dampen the mood for that day. The only boo-point is the signus that l'cling' to darling. Kelain kelian. Sayang. Haha.

Darling!!! Do you miss me? I really miss you. Dun forget about our fortress date tomorrow yah?
Haha. School have started again and we are more busy than ever before. As for me, I think this is the most difficult semester yet. Boo. I got Microeconomic, Finance, and TQOM. Haha. *STRESS, stress* Other than that, both darling and me are now officially a tutor in our own rights. Haha. Together with our academic commitment, our time are rather stretched already. Nonetheless, we are not letting these factors affecting our Brancheling. Haha. Branchel triumphs all yah, darling? Haha. In fact we have planned a few outdoor outings for the coming weeks yah. Zoo, birdpark, marina south, east coast and many many more. Whoohoo. Slurp! (Singing *Vomp vomp vomp! Vomp vomp vomp!*) Can't wait for all the exciting things that are going to happen in 2008! Slurp!

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