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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy OX year!

25th Jan 2009 & 26th Jan 2009!

$$$ Huat Ah!!! $$$
Happy Chinese New Year to All!!! Have an "OX-spicious" year ahead!!!
It has been 'ages' since I last updated my blog. Oops... (Partly because I can't log on to blogspot.)

Presently, Rachel dear is having her Chinese New Year countdown with her family at Changi Airport Terminal 3! From her voice, I thought she sounded rather happy. Hmm... I'm wondering if she is still happy because of the early reunion dinner at her grandma's place that I went to yesterday. First of all, you people might think "So what's there to be happy about by going to her grandma's house?". Haha. The point is, this is the first gathering that I have been to with Rach's immediate family and relatives. *Phews!* So nervous can!

The interesting thing is I sort of know Popo first and had more direct interactions with her. In fact yesterday was the first ever time I got into a direct conversation with Rach's mum and sister. Haha. Well, the results were better than expected! Really! Darling say it meant alot to her and I don't regret my decision to go for the early reunion dinner. Whoohoo! Now I have to work harder with Rachel's Dad. Think he was too shy to look directly into my eyes. Wahaha.

Btw, Happy 21st Month Anniversary to Branchel! We are looking toward our 2nd year of Brancheling! Happy happy! I love Rachel alot and really happy that she love me too!
I wish to give her her favourite bear hug now. I miss you baby!!!

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