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Saturday, November 22, 2008

19th month Anniversary!

21st November 2008,

Yesterday marked another milestone in Branchel's fairy tale-like relationship.

Happy 19th Month Anniversary Baby! Love you.

It has really been a phenomenon 19th month of pure saccharine love being with you.

Bearing in mind that our dream of spending the future together will see many more anniversaries... Haha...

Nothing gotta change my love for you.

My heart will only go out to you for as long as you promise to treasure it.

Darling, thank you for influencing me with all the online shopping for luxury goods. I love visiting

'Atas' malls and shops with you. I know its' abit materialistic, but I am happy to see your eyes

gleaming with happiness whenever you lay your hands or legs in those expensive and

comfortable goods.

But we should be saving le yah... The future is not as far as you thought it would be... The best

policy is to start planning young and soon.

There are so many things for us both to fulfil... Cartier isn't that ex anymore and it seem like a

good choice for those commitment jewellery.

Darling! Do you miss me? I know I am missing you! Going to call you soon.

By the way, I like your new bag but please use it with purpose k? Not multi-purpose. Too loud

might not be such a good idea...

Oya, I love my new watch too!!! Wahaha...

Orange bezel... With a big Omeg... Oops...

Going to end my entry as abruptly as possible!!! Haha... Tune in for more when I can really

afford quality time in my room without feeling sleepy!!!


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