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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fourteen Times!!!

20th June 2008,

Happy 14th Month to us!!! Yipee yaya yipee yipee ya!!!

This has to be one of the most 'tormenting' month for the both of us. Basically, we each got problem that cannot be let 'go' easily as much as we want to. Shitty feeling but eventually we managed to overcome it and currently I am feeling happier than ever before. Of course, to a certain extent I want to thank Rach for being around. Thank her for not turning her back to me when I am the 'incredible hulk'. It is really fustrating to keep things to myself and not having the mean to solve it quick. Haha. Muak.
(Meanwhile, I also want to thank my cousin for her utmost gracious help! Thank you Jie! Really grateful to you.)
Oya, I finally completed my 1.5 years of DMS and currently moving on to my accountancy degree course. Hopefully everything will be manageable and I can complete it within the next 2 years. Whoohoo, pray hard, pray hard and work hard of course... Hehe. CPA is the ultimate goal!!!
------Happy 14th Month------
Like I mentioned earlier, it hasn't been a easy month for us both. Not as if we, Branchel is in deep shit, it is just that we have to deal more with our emotional aspect this month. Tolerate is the key to such situation. Ain't I glad that we managed to see the rainbow after braving the rough sea together. Haha.
Darling, smile more k? For your genuine wide smile never fails to brighten up my day. It has been a wonderful simple outing and I am really contented with what I am having now. Thank you for planning so hard for my birthday even though I like it to be hassle-free. Just course I don't want to bother people and make a big fuss about my birthday. Haha. Even though it is still early and I am still not sure of your plan, I still want to tell you that I really appreciate your thought. Thankie. (Btw, Jolyn called to sing a 10s birthday song thinking that 21st June instead of 25th June is my birthday!!! Blur sia!!! Haha... U wrote on your notebook cause you said you want to come out TODAY and celebrate one; even though you didnt. Big trumpet! Haha.)
Nonetheless, Rach, Happy anniversary to us k! Miss you... Love you...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sick and tired... I want a better life...

I have many worries on my mind... But I have absolute no concrete solution to any of those worries... For a long time, I have taken things for granted and that is why I always feel the 'loneliness' when I have to deal with major decisions in life.

Certain things in life are just too unpredictable... This moment somebody showers you with all the love you need, and the very next moment, that very person will make you feel like the 'shittiest' person on earth.

Sometimes, you just want to tell the truth... But truth hurt the most. Don't trust that person who asked you to be honest with your answer, cause it ain't the case. Certain truth and good intended words will paint you to be the biggest loser in life.

Everybody have different perception of things, why would somebody insists on imposing their thought on yours? This is even after you tried explaining your real intention...

Uncertainties just happen... Best is not to make any promises --this is what my dad has taught me. Don't say it out even if you meant it till the every moment that you can fulfill it instantly.

I hate the fact that my life is not smooth-sailing always. Why do obstacles always have to appear at the very moment when I thought everything is going to be just fine? Why do I always have to care about people feeling when I have difficulty suppressing mine? Why was I borned the first child? I wished I had another older sibling who can always pull me out of stickly situations. I don't like to keep things to myself, but my parents are helpless too... Silent I will... I envy 'you'... 'You' have a good older sibling...

Karma I think... Yes it is... That is why I'm always awashed with nasty situations, situations that cause me to have have restless nights and unwelcoming migraine. Karma I think... Yes it is...

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