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Monday, October 27, 2008

Always in my sight...

26th October 2008,

I have been seeing this pretty face everyday and I am glad I did... She is like a 'Tiger Palm' medicated sticker pad to me sia... Make me feel soothing and relieved during such a stressful period!!! Haha...

Just when she is not in her best mood, I brought her to Bakerzin for help!

No matter how narrow or small my perception is, she will always be in my sight...

How can I not grin the way I did when you are sitting directly in front of an angel???

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Branchel Wan Sui Wan Wan Sui!!!

22nd October 2008,

"Hello everybody!" It is the day of the month again! Another Branchel Anniversary month to speak of! Rejoice! Rejoice! Wahaha... Happy 18th Month Anniversary to Branchel!!! Yipee!!!

I like English songs now! I like CSI now! I love 'The Noose'! I like chocolate now, especially dark chocolate! I love Pacific Coffee! I like to go Haji Lane now! I like Starbuck! I like 'Catch of the day with Lobster sauce' @ Secret Recipe! I love the 'Duck Confit Salad' @ The Coffee Club located at Hotel Rendezvous. I love movies @ The Cathay! I love and like alot alot more... So much so I am rather lazy to type them all out... Wahaha...

IN SHORT!There is a common 'bridge' that link me to all my present likes and loves! The 'bridge' is none other than my dearie sweetie pie - Rachel!

Throughout this short period of just 18th months, my world has went through an evolution. It is a brand new me now in many many aspects. All because of a phenomenom figure, Rachel. She has made me a very very happy person. I not saying that we don't have our share of unhappiness, but all are trivial in trial of all the happiness that we share!

Like any other successful company, Branchel has an motto that has serve us well - "BRANCHEL TRIUMPHs ALL". With a clear motto as a guideline, we are steaming toward our common goal in the not so far future. Only time is 'slowing' us down. We'll probably be viewed as outcaste if we are still living in some ancient province of China. Haha...
Too bad! This is SIN KA PO leh... Bleahz!

Well, on a more serious tone... Rachel can only be the best love any guy can fall in love with. (When she is in super good mood lah! Ooops!) She was the best 'trespasser' in my life, only to be the best mistress of my life now. Without her, I cannot imagine life as a non-Branchel. Haha. & isn't it sweet of her to come down to my workplace and pick me up after work as and when we can afford the time to meet up? I probably think the few security guards at SGX centre already notice her presence by now. DAMN, They probably be eyeing on her! F**K sia! !#@$^%!! Wahaha!

Thank you darling! Thank you to you for being the love of my life and being the sweetie as you are and trying hard not to be grouchy for me. I just love to have you around minusing the stupid exam period that we are going through right now. When exams come, everything seem so wrong! Haha! HALLUCINATION!!!

Muak! Love you baby! After exam k! Be patient. Everything is just fine. Trust me k! You know I really care about you yah! Huggies!

Well, Happy 18th months and 3 days to us both! The 19th one is coming! Look out for it folks!!! Night!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Really really! I still very fond of you can?

16th October 2008,

I probably won't be penning down too much words today. Why? See the next pic and you will notice that I have in fact written alot yah? Hehe...


YOU! Rachel!!!

& You love me...

Please arh, it hurts to think that you doubt my love for you...

You know I will make you happy when we can well afford the time and I am not 'tied' down by obligations.

I promise k! After exam, like every exam period I have told you before... So many times...

I will give you more of my time. I always do yah? Pinch your cheeks... Haha.

Muack! Love you baby... Nothing gonna change my love for you - literally lah!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dun anyhow think...

15 October 2008,

Darling, tonight entry is solely for you,

I know this is a hard period for both of us... We just have to take it in our strive and be objective yah? Branchel is stronger than ever. Nothing is wrong with the fundamental. The only prob is exam period and our mood are not at its' best.

I really love you alot...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mostly FAVourite!!

06 October 2008,

Yipee yay yay!!! I had a wonderful weekends spent! Non-stop actions from Friday till Sunday! Slurp!!! Every second passed indicates a sweet moment spent! I love your company baby!

Well well well! Another milestone yet for Branchel! We had our first 'ad-hoc' action over the Sunday. As much as we 'sweared' that we will never do it! We did! Wahaha... Just like how I violently swayed away the idea of being with Darling in the first place. (Not that I think I got chance lah.) Wahaha... That's why I have to maintain my 'posture' and tell ppl not possible de... Leave a back door for my grand retreat mah! Aiyah, you all dun know one leh! Haha... I egoistic mah!

Ooo, since it was so long ago... Shhh... I will tell you ppl a secret... Shhh... *Whispering*... Darling mentioned to me she sub-consciously mentally flinging with me even before we were together. Phew! Hehe... Like how she hide her msges like the way I did... Oops! Did I say like the way I did? Wahaha... I still remember those days she would say dun waste smses, let go msn then talk. So exciting can? I will literally jump up from my sofa and sprint like 'Bolt' to my room! All because I want to rest my big fat butt on the seat while eagerly waiting for Darling to come online... Hehe...

Well well well... Whatever it is! We are what we are today... I have so many pictures to declare that we are happy as one - Branchel! I really love my relationship with Rachel! She is a miracle which I can see... I can feel the tenderness from her... She is nothing but an angel to me... My heart beats her name and I breathe her sweetness... I promise to be faithful... For she is the answer to my prayer! Love you baby! Tonnes!!!

Love the way she smile! So infectious!!!

One of our fave Brands...

One of her FAVE FISH & CHIP!!!

Dun be deceived by the look!!! She likes the claypot rice!!!

My FAve PIncHeable Cheeks!!!

My first SPECTACLE_LEss pic With Dearie Su!!! Got ear infection...

Her Fave Bak kut Teh!!! So At hoME sia!!!

Our FAVE Coffee CLUB... I know the waiter!!!

Her AtaS Hair BAND!!! Sweet rushing in order to get the last piece left in SINGAPORE!!!

Late NIGHT Supper at NEWTON circus!!!

Our FIRST F1 Race!!!

Her MARCKY!!! 2k++

HEr FAVE laVEnde Cake!!!

She Says this is SWEET... I think she is SWeeT!!!

Flat Hair DAy!!!!

OUR FAVE SALAD!!! Duck CONfetti Salad!!!

I cAN never Get ENOUGh of HEr... OnlY TIme iS PReveNTing me FROM Seeing and SPENDINg time WITh her EVEryday!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Migraine but yet alert enough to think about you always!

2nd October 08...

Omg! It is fucking October now! Darling and I are going to have our examinations soon. Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou! Especially me... I need to buck up; simple tests I also screwed up! Haha. Maybe I should quit my job! Or even better, become a full time punter so that I can better manage my time... :)

Ooo... By the way, I'm so gonna have a Christmas celebration with Rachel this year. I have no plans yet but I am very sure she will be spending it with me! I 'booked' you on that day k baby! Bleahz! You have no choice actually! Haha... Oya oya!!! New year eve also!!! As for Chinese New Year? I think you will be cordially invited to my grand gatherings (Ah ma's and Ah Bo's side) ba. Aiyah, in short means you have been booked for all festive occasions so that we can spend it together! Just like our malay friends' Hari Raya. We also have celebrations by having seafood platter yah? Hehe... You are mine! - "No Horse Run" in hokkien! Wahaha...

Seriously arh, time passes by so freaking fast can? I still remember the last Christmas party held at my place. That was the first time I introduced Tian tian de to relatives from my maternal side. Those were the day when she was still abit shy and keep hiding in my room. Haha... Well, given more time, she probably will be busy moving around my house playing the host! Let's see if this year she will have the chance yah? Haha... *Praying have! Praying have!*

Anyway darling, after reading your blog entry dated yesterday after that terrible incident, I am glad you really know how I feel about having you by my side. You know life is so unpredictable. What is yours at this moment might not be there for you at the next. I just want you to know that I really appreciate having you and hope that we will not be having unhappy moment over the most trivial things in life. I felt a sense of helplessness when you called me last night. That helpless feeling comes at a point when I realized I can't be there at the very moment when you are quivering, and be there to protect you or to hug you. Even if I were to rush out straight, there will still be the travelling time. So kelian. Luckily everything is ok. Stupid taxi driver. Not all but some really are idiot!

Darling, as to your question - "Brandon Su Yizhi, will you take care of me for life?" My answer to that is a Big YES!!! Provided you promise to be my xiao nv ren and be my sweetie pie always k? Haha... Nonetheless, I love you alot and I am going to call you now! NOW!!! Hehe...

Thank you God!


Luckily darling is safe... That phone call almost caused my heart to sink. I want to thank which ever god that prevented anything bad from happening to darling; she is priceless to me k. Thank you whichever god you are. Darling, I know you are not to be blame but I still need to ask you to take care where ever you are ok? If not I will not forgive myself if you know what yah. Sayang... Really feel bad to let you go home on your own. Haiz... Must go take license soon liao. N save for car soon... Haha...

Oya, food for thought. Darling and I caught the first F1 night race in Singapore! Simply nice k! We are part of a history literally... Yipee! Haha.

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