Branchel's is Da' name

Lalala lalala E' Elmo song!!! Cheers!

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Alley...

The Enlightenment Lane! So serenity... Only the Supreme Guardian will know where she is... Angel.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Yesterday I woke up and found my eye to be double eye-lid. Today I woke up and I found myself with Double Eye-lid again! I wonder y... Maybe one day I will go for plastic surgery to make both my eyes double eye-lid... Permanently.

See wat see!!! Look wat look!!! Master Of all Hamster Here!!! Bow n kowtow to ME u meanies!!! If Not... U all will get...

This!!!!!! My Hamster Kick with no Hair!!! U want it?! I bet U wan it!!! Ahh Tatatata...!!! Piak Piak!!!

Oya Samantha with the Twisties hand sign!!! @ Sakae sushi!!! Sam just killed a Swordfish n a Salmon!!! Greenpeace!!! U whooo!!! Take her down!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The day I Stumbled upon A Black Shop!!!

On 2nd Feb I made a Grand entry into a Black shop! And the outer of the shop look like this drawing... So grand so venice like... But the interior...

Sucks... lousy renovation, cheap wood planks as wall... and cheap paper quality for signboard like the one bside me... Worse still! No food no photo-taking... Well I gt no choice but to obey it... If u believe. Haiz.

So as instructed, the shop owner did not allow me to bring food n drinks...

and no photo-taking allows... Y? Y like that? So bad rite... Everything also cannot!!! Haha.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Rachel's 21st Birthday Celebration @ Miramar Hotel! Food is great! But alots of China Chinese around... Happened to find out that the hotel is in cooperation with Eastern China Airline. Haha. That explains why. Damn, they r even worse than S'poreans... They r rowdy, rude and the lists go on... ... Must not say too much, later Internal Security look me up!!!

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