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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exam over and the '1st date'...

28th Nov 2007,

Phew! My examinations are finally over. Even though I'm not totally confident of the result, but I am still going to enjoy my holidays for the time-being... Haha.

Oya, I am glad to have study-companions for the period of my mugging in school. They are mainly Jolyn, Guoqiang and Linh... Fyi, Linh is my classmate and he mixes well with Jolyn and Guoqiang... "Ko Teh"!!! Haha. Because he is from vietnam, sometimes his pronunciation of word is funny...

Anyway, below are some of the photo that we took during some of the 'break-time' and interactive sessions...

The below 3 pictures are took by Guoqiang's handphone... Through thorough selection, these 3 'winning' pics were selected to represent us. Haha.



(Jackie Chan? Buffalo nose?)
The guy beside me is Linh, and he is from Vietnam....

Here we have Jolyn, Guoqiang, Myself and a 'extra' in the picture. So not odd number k Jo!!!

After a hectic week of lacking in sleep and 'intense' studying, I finally finished my examination for this sems. *cross-finger* Hopefully I can pass all... Pray, pray!!! Nan Mo Ah Mi Tuo Fo...
Anyway, after my paper today, I roamed aimlessly around for about 4 hours before getting my feet to Revenue House to pick up my darling! Fyi, she is working at AC Nielson and the office is situated over there. Wahaha... Oya before I got to meet up with Rach, I checked out Novena Square for any new updates and the rather new Velocity shopping mall. No choice, I too anxious in wanting to meet darling that I reached about 40 mins earlier. Wahaha... (To Qi bao bei, actually alot of food to eat lah but you too high class le. Wahaha.) Actually, nothing special there, only MPH 'aroused' my interest and I made my way there fliping through magazines at the periodical section. Haha.
Before I realized, 1720hr struck and I quickly wriggled my bum out of MPH and slide toward Revenue House to fulfil my self-fulfilment of being able to fetch her after work before she finishes her 'tenure' at AC Nielson by the end of this week. Haha. I am also looking forward to do so as I have not seen her for days due to the much needed 'isolation' during my exam period. *Guilty* -- Luckily she understands and gave alot of encouragement during this period; Thank you. Muack! Haha.
Yay!!! My Qi Bao Bei finally appears at 1735hr. Flashing me with those familiar mesmerising smile. Sweet!!! Haha. Darling, I always welcome those heart-warming first kiss on each date... Hehe *shy lah* Anyway, after some discussion we finally decided to go town for dinner and at the same time, to look at the Christmas lightning for this year... Dinner was simple but full of fun and laughter. Especially after my stupid act of mimicing darling's iconic noodle twisting tactic that causes me to drop a huge potion of my noodle on the table. Unintentionally but ultimate laughter catalyst on my cheery love. Priceless moment when she laugh like that. *wink* After dinner we went for our usual window shopping, along the way I was so tempted to buy so many things. Especially the new Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Tee, damn it! But I need to tighten my belt on such luxury goods lah... Mum going to kill me with all her nagging. Haha... Nvm I tahan, endure!!!
The night was cut short after our short shopping stint at Paragon. It is actually due to my tiredness from the lack of sleep these few days. I have no choice but to finally acceed to darling's 'command' of asking me to go home and rest... Yes madam! Haha... & so here I am!!! Right at home sitting in front of the computer and typing my blog... Haha, so much for sleeping early yah... But really, I am glad to have meet up with Rach for the lovely evening even though I know it is a rather short one. Before I forgot, one thing to note is that I am truly proud of my darling. She got a Distinction and 3 Credits for year end examination. One or two subject(s) was/were (a) major concern(s) but she managed to get credit for both; a great improvement indeed. CONGRATS to you yah!!! Keep it up k!!!
Oya last but not least, to Jolyn and Guoqiang and people who are having examinations now, Good Luck for all of your papers yah!!! Jiayou!!!
GoodNight! *Yawn* shit, jaw pain. --- due to intense yawning. Haha. Bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


24th Nov 2007,

Our 7th month Mural!!! Yipee yay yay yipee yay...

Jolyn, don't jealous arh...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wah! Something terrible happen leh!!!

22nd Nov 2007,

Disclaimer: Don't read if it is going to fucking affect your mood!
Somethings are just too weird...
I were always unprepared...
The stupidest thing can become a mountain in your hand.
Haha. Does feeling only entitle to girl? Fuck that thought.
I don't understand why is there vulgarity over such things. Stupid.
I am a cancerian for godsake!!! You are more moody than I am. WTF!
You rather blog it and let the whole world thinking something terrible happened. Stupid.
Haiz, exam is just around the corner. I have no mood to fight.
I am going to fucking sleep. So much for setting my alarm at 0610. Reset!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy busy!

18th Nov 2007,

This is the first photo exchange that got us together. She look nice in the pic yah... Wahaha...

Rachel Darling!!! Sorry that you have to go through a period of isolation with the upcoming of my examination. I know you are doing your best not to be grouchy and I truly appreciated it. Thank you thank you! Many kisses for you!!! Hopefully I can meet you on tuesday yah. I will try to rush through my Managerial Accounting revision by dinner time on tuesday yah. Haha... Oya, time flies and the 7th month is coming. I love you darling!!! Muack!!! (Jolyn and gang, don't laugh.) Haha...
Oya, darling is on the way down from west coast. She helped me to print my revision notes and delivering it to me personally. *Touched* Thank you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Sun

14 Nov 2007,

Standing at the edge of the cliff I look into the horizon, and there I saw my Sun.

Grinning with the sweetest smile, and that got me smitten instantly.

I was breatheless. But I wasn't grasping for air, for I know you are more than the air.

I raised my hand in the direction of the Sun, hoping to bathe in the warmth of love.

Saccharinely, you received my hand with the gentlest touch.

Ever since, you have been giving me more than I know you can.

Providing me with love, joy and care daily. Sweet.

You being the Sun, I dare to say that my world revolve around you constantly.

You are my life source.

I am deeply attached to you and I cannot imagine life without my Sun.

For the feeling of blissful is not just about me. It is the chemistry between the two of us.

When I say forever, I truly mean it.

My life depends on the smile that you provided.

It always send a pulse of bliss wave whenever you flash your widest smile at me.

My Sun, there can only be one Sun in the universe and rest assured that you are the only one.


Monday, November 12, 2007

A wonderful weekend...

12th Nov 2007,

Picture of the day:
No wonder she like to lay on my shoulder, I think it is very nice...

As she poses for the camera,

She aims for my foot...

Then she decided to give it a bite... Wahaha...

We spend the whole of Sunday 'rotting' at home. Watching tv, drinking bubble tea, using the internet and etc. My brother was also at home with his girlfriend... Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time for the past 4 days... Simple activities but enormous satisfaction. Totally saccharine, totally blissful... I love you Rachel. Miss ya... Goodnight...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A hectic but full of fun week...

11 November 2007,

I think I haven been updating my blog faithfully lately. Wahaha... I hate my internet connection. My wireless connection seem to be having a lot of problems lately. Nonetheless, I am going to 'pen' down whatever I can still remember in this entry... Hehe...

First of all, I think I haven post Branchel's 6th month anniversary mural yet. Tada!!! Here you are...

Lately, Brancheling was all about fun and sweetness. We had a wonderful week and it will continue for a long long time. Tian tian de finally finished her examination and it could be one of the reason for the additional touch of saccharine feeling.

Yesterday, I finally brought darling to my family gathering at Pasir Ris Costa Sand. I don't know why but I was more nervous as compared to darling. Haha. However, the nervousness was unfound for when I stepped into the chalet. I am truly proud of darling for she was able to hold her pose well by flashing her megawatt - smile at all my relatives. (Still remember the first time when she was on the way to see my parents, her nervousness made her look so grumpy and unwillingly.) Hence, yesterday was a great achievement on her part. She appeared shy throughout the night, but I don't think anyone can blame her since it was the first encounter with so many strangers in a single night yah. Luckily, she got by two young cousins to look to for distraction. Haha. Oya, this is one for the very few occasions I actually saw darling interacting positively with children. :p
Along the way, some of my relatives managed to approach darling for conversations. I didn't quite remember what was her reply, but she certainly answered it with her trademark smiles and giggles. Haha.
When it was time for darling to go home; as her parents arrived, I have this feeling that darling was well received by my relatives. The saying goodbye part was good I think. One of my cousin even exclaimed asking her to join us again when she is free. Wahaha. With that, I accompanied darling to her dad's car, only to see her mum with a very interesting vintage spec. As Rach board the car, I waved goodbye to her mum as she waved back. I always have a nice feeling when her mum 'acknowledged' me. (According to darling testimony her mum was never like that before, so she claimed. Whahaha.) Oya her mum recently gave me a small bottle of CK 'be' perfume, in return of the gesture I bought her a little key-chain. Darling chose it and I paid for it. To my surprise a few days later, her mum bought me a 'feng shui' stone that was supposed to help in our studies. Why I say our? It is because she also bought the same stone for darling and her younger sister. (Wahaha... Adjusting my tie, Smirk Face... Imagine!) Thank you auntie!!!
Wait wait wait... I drifted too far, coming back to the chalet again... After seeing darling off, I return to the chalet only to be ask by my relatives how darling go home, why she go home so early, and those who don't know where she went then ask where is she... From my younger cousins, Ryan and Russell, "Yizhi Kor kor, where is your girlfriend huh?" Haha... I bet they had a great game of badminton and soccer with darling. They like her!!! Hehe... Oya the little beach walk with darling, my brother and my 2 cousins was great. Short but fun. Period.
Last but not least I hope darling enjoyed herself and hope that when it is my turn I can do it well like darling. Your effort is appreciated.

Below are some photos that was taken recently depicting some of the activities that I have went through...

This picture was taken in the heart of IKEA... We love brancheling at the mall for inspirations. Wahaha... I think this picture was well taken.

A short lunch over her area as she was having her revision at home. That is my bag fyi...

She is a tibetan 'LAMA'??? Drinking Bubble tea somemore? Wahaha... She is actually wrapping up herself in my warm drooled blanket. Wahaha... She loves 'bubble tea' though not the tea literally.

She wore my arm PT attire while helping up with my reports... So cute...

Oya, I went to the Istana... Beside the Singapore Crest...
The Istana...

Our president and first lady... Btw can you see those bodyguards? They are with the cardholders around the neck.

A-Mei Concert with the 10,000 crowd...

It was a really good concert... Worth the ticket. Superb vocal, dance and staging...

Mariam Birthday Celebration... This picture is the original group!!! The extra is the one taking the photo... Whahaha... Starting from left anti clockwise, Helaine the Kimchi, Mariam the Sofia, Jolyn the Xiaopang, Xiayan the Chilli Padi, Guoqiang the Kachang and last but not least ME!!! Whahaha.

GQ, Xiayan, Jolyn and Mariam... Having dinner at an Indian vegetarian restaurant.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


4th Nov 2007,

She have the sweetest pair of eyes... Electrifying...

Our sweet love...

Looking back at those days, I think it is really amazing how far things have come. I still have the vague memories of when I first 'know' her. It was the first 'joint' art lesson that we had when she was just a year 1 student and me as a year 2 student. I didnt have a good impression of her for I think she got attitude; maybe because she thinks she is pretty. Wahaha. Actually, like what I have told her before, I just think she look unique with her sharp features. During the first year of encountering, we didnt have much interactions to speak of. Firstly, because of a weird character whose name is 'silvia', darling and I have a slight 'misunderstanding'. Then as an executive member of the art club, Mr Tay always complained to me that she is not interested in joining art club and even skipping the activites when Mr Tay says it is compulsary. Luckily, with the early departure of 'silvia', attitude between darling and me became a 'hi' and 'bye' situation. The relationship improved. Wahaha...

By my year 3 in school, things are getting better. We managed to speak to one another occasionally and the interaction increased with Mr Tay asking her to 'model' for my A' level art project. Whoohoo... (I still have two of those photo of her in school uniform) Hehe... Kinky... Oops... Haha.

By the end of year 3, smses between the two of us was steadily increasing... According with darling's account, she thinks our friendship intensified with a 'valentine sms' from me. (Actually I sent to alot of people as a well... Wahaha) Nonetheless, I think it was the right move!!! Whahaha... Skipping and skipping all the detail, I just want to say I truly love Branchel's love. Period!

Today I keeping thinking about all the changes and things that have happened. I just want to say that Rachel is definitely a sweet love to have. Her presence always brings laughter and happiness to a otherwise moody me. Even though she can have her fair share of emo and unhappiness but I know it is all because she just want to be close to me. I really treasure your love and I want it to remain like that. For Branchel is mostly about sweet love and happiness. Don't you think so darling? You told me you think I am funny even though Jolyn and gang thought otherwise yet... Whahaha... Oya darling, I really think you look splendid in dresses and skirts. (Even though alot of guys keep looking at her, damn it!!!) Wahaha...

Darling, I miss you!!! Miss your kisses and hugs... Most IMPORTANTLY;


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