Branchel's is Da' name

Lalala lalala E' Elmo song!!! Cheers!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love RACHEL!!!

Happy Brancheling for the past 1 year!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15th April, 5 more days...

15th April 2008,

5 more days, and it will be a year of sweet brancheling... Swoosh... Yes! Time flies... 19th April 2007 seem just like 2 months back. That unexpected call scenario still lingers clearly in my brain... To pick up! Don't pick up... To pick up! Don't pick up... But I'm glad I did... Phew! Thus the embarkment of the very special 20th April of every month. Hehe... A certain degree of uncertainty in the beginning, but totally overcomed by a higher degree of certainty as we mark the harvest of one year sweet brancheling.

I won't mention too much in tonight entry cause I want to leave the best for the last yah... Haha... Alright then. Goodnight to all... Going to call my dearest le...

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