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Thursday, August 20, 2009


For the past 28 months I know I have given my all to that special person of my life. I swear she has always been in my mind for the past 28 months and 2 hour. Every morning when I wake up, she will always be the first person I think of, and every night before I sleep, she will always be the one and only person that I will miss and think of. Every night after my good night call with her, regardless if our call ended sweet or bitter, I will always pray that she can sleep well and be safe. Yes, she is very important to me. So important that I have learnt to be tolerant of alot of things. Things that in the past would have most probably 'instigated' me to give up. However, I am just not the same as before anymore. I truly love her, and I cross my heart and wish that our promise of having a future together will come true.

Everytime when I say "I love you" to her, I mean it with all my heart and soul. She may not have sensed my sincerity, but she must understand that sweet word does not come easily from me. That is why from the first time I told her 'I love you', I truly mean it. Being in love with her has been the best thing that has happened to me yet. Her presence in my life has provided me with goals to achieve, and the love that she has given me is the only motivation that I ever need. 28 Months and 2 hours have passed, and things may have changed without us realizing or admitting it. Nonetheless, I am still super in love with her. Baby, for you I promise to be less imperfect and my true feeling for you will never fade.

Rachel fiancee, you will always be that special girl in my heart and the above is dedicated to you only. Branchel will be forever. Muack. I love you.


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