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Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Years Anniversary!!!

20th April 2009

O no, it is the time of the year again...
Examination period is here yet again! Mugging mugging and mugging...
Even if never really mug, still cannot go out. By doing so, guilt will definitely settle in.
How I wished this is the last semester so that I can graduate with a degree and say goodbye to studies. Boo... This is just a fantasy.
The earliest date of graduation can only be end of next year.
Enough of grumbling... And here's the reason why I'm blogging at this moment...
Tada!!! It is the 2nd Year of Brancheling for Rachel and me!!! Happy Anniversary with us!!

Brandon: "Being with you has definitely brought many wonderful experiences for me, your love for me has given me a whole new reason to be in a relationship. Not with anyone else, but you. Your determination to be that perfect one for me is worth noting. Thank you for taking that extra effort to change for me and I appreciate you for what you've done. 2 years may not be that long in comparison to others, but duration does not mean anything for a loving relationship. It is the get along that deem whether any couple is suitable for one another. Base on this assumption, I dare to claim that you are the best person for me to be with. (Just minor areas to improve yah. Haha.) Baby, I am not a perfect person, but I am willing to give in my best to make us possible for a long long time. Last but not least, Happy Anniversary to you and I will be looking forward to our belated celebration. Love you."


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