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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Blueless Monday

30th April 2007,

Wonderful Monday. No Blues at all... Perfect!!! And I have chosen the above picture as the pic of the day!!! Today is filled with happy activities. On top of that I got high scores for my CA1... Wahaha... Today I woke up like 6am, it was because of my breakfast date with her @ 730am. I'm so excited.

We went to the Mcdonald at West Coast Park for breakfast. The morning walk to the Mac was refreshing... Cool air and bright day. Oya, I almost forgot how Mac's pancake tasted like till today again... I'm experiencing new changes everyday... Good good.

The time we spent at Mac was so memorable. We just sit, talk and play like we have the whole day for ourselves... In actual fact, I have lecture to attend and she has to rush to school to return her book. Haha. By the time we reached school, we have to receivce our 'punishment'. She was fined $3 for returning the book late and for me, I was penalized for lateness and 1 mark deduction from lack of participation in the morning class. Nontheless, both of us think that all these were worthwhile for the priceless moment we had at Mac.

The below pic was taken during lunch. Just want to show you people where we normally takes our meals at...

Oya this fellow was using the food trolley as a skate- board. We think he is just too bored...

Below is how we studied in the library. You see she so 'kelian' stupid sinus causing her so many irritation... Oya, now she like to poke my face like nobody business... So painful sia. But yet so sweet. Wahaha...

Today, I am in the mood to bring her to Subway @ Holland V since it is public holiday the next day. Just wanted to cheer her up abit since she didnt have it for quite sometimes.

After that we went window shopping at Cold Storage. It was so fun, so loving. We love supermarket. Wahaha.

On our journey home...
Home sweet home... Bye bye...

I will edit again. I just can't write properly tonight...

Sunday, April 29, 2007



29th April 2007

Staring at my ceiling, memories flashes by... Good and bad... There are no regret in any of my decisions in going into the new chapter of my life. Undefined amount of Happiness is my reward.

~ so nice,

so sweet,

so cute,

so happy etc. ~

has taken over our command of English. Simple words with deep meanings. Never have I encountered anything like that. Getting 'drunk' from it, suffered 'dizziness' from it and even 'wobby leg' while walking...

We wanted to go slow, but things just escalated... We have no control, and we just want to let it known. The fact that I was 'dancing' in the puddle really make me a happy man. I am a better person because of that special you, in a special place in my heart. Your dreamy look is so attractive and I just want to hug you tight. Mushy is never my forte and friends of mine should know that. Because it just does not match my personality. Act cool but look like shit is mine forte! Wahaha... Nonetheless, I have broken my protoccol in your presence and I'm not going to stop that till you think it is disgusting and you say stop it!!! Haha. Actually I also dun care! Bleahz. I can't wait for your exam to finish. I want to do the sneaking out of house thing that you mentioned. Must be damn exciting. Ahhh... I am off to dreaming again my friends... Pls dun wake me up! Just give me your blessing and that's all... *yawn* O wait! Before I forget... We shall compete on who can do the best cornering and after exam we can do it all day just to get it rite. *tip-toe* image?! Haha, shy.

Weekends' Happiness

28th April 2007,

The image of her skipping around the previous night just makes my day. Never have I imagined that she will do that. In fact so many things are unimaginable. The things that we done to one another is totally out of the portrayal of our image. You cannot understands what we did as you are not in the picture. But one thing for sure is that you can definitely sense the amount of happiness we have!!! Even though today we didnt meet at all, but the little messages that we sent are enough to keep my mind occupied. The afternoon phone chat is simply wonderful, brought us nearer to one another. Is this the' power of love'? Well it is for you to find out. Nonetheless, the day went by blissfully... N this is the 9th day that I have been smiling and laughing straight... So amazing rite!!! We want to 'elope', to a place where we can spend our time condusively. We want to indulge in the warm fuzzy pool of Happiness!! Arghh I can't wait to see her on Monday. Stupid exam making thing diff for us!!! Arghhh... Anyway I met up with weekeong today, and it is a wonderful meeting. It's because most of the time, almost all our topics revolved over the two women of our lives. We found stark similarities in our both relationships. Conclusion, we must control the 2 women from going too close together. Can you imagine Weekeong and I kana 2 girls 'attacked'??? Wahaha. . . It is really a nice and funny Saturday. Oya quote of the day, "The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender."~ Branchel

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Laughter Of Tian tian de... ...

27th April 2007,

I started my day with a little a taste of bitterness, but it was quickly resovled with a simple msg frm a simple girl. She always has a way to make me feels so assured. Time passing by so fast these days. Simply breatheless. Haha. Nonetheless, after my lecture I went to look for her. Moving @ a double quick time to prevent any guys froming checking her out!!! From afar I saw her lone figure, my heart beating faster... 'thump thump' haha. When we saw one another, the usual silence smile caught up with us again. 'We have spoken another thousand words'! N it nv fails to have the tian tian feeling arising in such a situation. . .

These 2 pictures (I look like shit!) were taken @ Lao Di Fang after our tea-break of 'bak kwa bbq chix sticks'. Wahaha. Can you see the stark contrast between her cheekiness and seriousness??? Haha. It doesnt matter to me as I love them all as long as she is Happy. ~ 'Happiness' is our Motto' Her smile and happiness is infectious. I simply love the day as time went by. I have got used to sitting @ the administatior's table in the sch. To a certain level we have become a common fixture there. Our friends have given us the name of 'Men Shen'... Whahaha. So funny afew people really thought that we are the administrators and they wanted to take out their passes to show us... LOL
As it is weekend, we were more relax. We wanted to do more but was contrainted by 'Environment' So we can only make do with it by going to the rooftop to check out the view in the evening. It felt like 'Genting', the fog in the forest and the cool breeze is great. It is simply fun to just stand there and checking things out. For example, when Rach saw a green car in the mist of all the passing car, and she exclaimed excitingly. Wahaha... *haiz* I just feel warm to watch her quietly when she as did tt, unsung satifaction and joy... And she also told me how she likes 'geek', and it just makes me shy. Haha, no choice, Cos I'm number one Mr shy in this relationship. Hehe.
After we left sch, we went to a kopitiam in clementi for dinner. You know what? She is the first girl i dated to love kopitiam over restaurant or foodcourt. Haha. It is the best dinner @ any kopitiam b4 for me. We just laugh and smile like the Kopitiam got no ppl. So funny. N the laughter spread to the journey home. I think we laughed at least 1 hour non-stop in total. She was so happy that I keeping laughing too. N she makes fun of how I wallk faster n swing her hand faster when I am happy. Haha. *haiz* At one point of time both of us are dizzy spell as side- effect. So fun. Period! In fact we having been laughin n laughing for more than one week straight, wrinkle will be setting in soon. I can feel the scare-crow coming soon... But I dun care!!! As long as she is happy! We are really happy together... Truly happy and wonderful...
(I always have so many to write but dun have enough time... Wahaha, go sch liao)

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Tian Tian de"!!! "So Sweet de"!!!

Wonderful, wonderful!!! Another day of sweetness and happiness. All day long and not one complaint from us. Even if there is one, it will be that the 24hr a day is too short for us...

Did you see what she doing? So shy right! Haha, I am shy too!!!

Such a nice girl right... She was feeling terrible in the morning. Have to go and see the doctor. After seeing, she went home to shower. Only to return to school and met up with me. I msg her and even called her not to come but she still came. Though I didnt say much but I fully appreciated what she did. Staying in school has been great with her accompany. We are such attention seeker as we took up the administrators' table as our camp base. So many people saw us because of that but we simply son't care!!! We even had a place as our 'Lao di Fang' in the school. This is the place we buy coffee and have our tea time break. To think she can actually come up with that. Haha. Cheeky girl.
'Tian tian de' is the new found identity in this unexpected relationship. Whatever we do we try to make it sweet and unforgetable~ For 'Happiness' is our Motto. Xiao Y tuo has a soft side which I only gets to realize after being together. And it is such a superb feeling to be able to have so many mutual understanding! One of the best example is; We can just keep quiet standing or sitting side by side, but actually, we have already spoken a thousand words! Smiling at one another is the only answer we need. I won't tell you much in details as she is not for you to know. She has been taken and that is so FINAL!!! Wahaha. . . We have promises that both of us agreed on, and regret is not found in our dictionary. . . We are happy to be together.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

20th April 07 will b the official day...

20th April 2007 will b the day to remember forever... ...

20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25th April 2007

Precious moment!!! I have never felt so alive for a long time. Your presence has totally swipe me over the heaven. Although we have known each other for years. This is only the starting of time for both of us to truly understand each other. Your beautiful eyes have brought out my shyness. Your lovely smile has brought out my happiness. Your sweetness has brought out the tenderness... I want to give myself a 'clap' on my sensitivity towards Fun/Funny Friend. For it has open up a whole new world for me. 'Tian Tian de', 'warm fuzzy feeling' all thanks to the reckless cyclist... N i love the ants n frogs that allowed me to do alittle more. I want to embrace all the 'Plans' that went wrong, cause it eventuall turn into Beautiful moment for us... Silly Smile has now taken the place of stupid laughter, and it is a good sign. Cause the deep meaning behind those smiles is so precious n priceless. Yes, I am addicted to it!
Those walks are always so sweaty, and I hope you wouldn't mind it. Cause I only want to enjoy all those lovely walk to your destination. The destination I'm always reluctant to reach so soon. You made me a kid again... Hopping, skipping and 'friendly marching' is so common to me now. But I have no complaint about it. You are like the best thing that had happened to me as for now. I am deep in my sweetest dream and no one can wake me up from it. . . Xiao Y tou... Thank you for everything... (I have alot more to write, but my mind is too disorganise... I will write again when my mind is clearer.)
to be continued...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crazy Lecture 1 by Mr Su

Here we have 3 shoes. . . One similarity; all Puma Brand... It is the Classic unsung 'Mo Qi' we have in this inner circle. Oya, one leg not in the picture because she went back to school for revisions. So sad, but neccessary for her. Guess which foots belong to her Boyfriend? Wahaha...
I fear you two not!
Since now I am studying Management, Mr Su will give all of you a short lecture on the application of management function on Friendship.
You must first know the 4 main functions of management. They are; Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling. In a Friendship, you need to plan and organize. You need to know when is the next bonding session and what you are going to do. In short, we must strategize. ( O shit I gt stomachache. Nvm, gripping stomach continuing to write. . . Argh. . .) There are alot of cases whereby Friends just meet up and spend 30mins deciding where to go. STOP! This is a waste of precious time you knw? 30mins could hav gotten you to your final destination, or even a long sleep before you meet up. So U must plan and organize well!!! Set the Intenary right for the day!!! See my point?!! * Chalks flying* Oie!!! That boy or girl there!!! Yah you!!! Don't sleep! This is for your own good! Listen to the lecture, Basket!
Next, we must have a figurehead and a monitor in the group of Friends. This is because of the Leading and Controlling functions. Someone have to take a lead in some outings right. For instance, one guy stand up and ask, "Hey, You all want to go toilet or not huh?" Then 1 or 2 person will sure follow. See my point again??? That is why a figurehead in the Leading function is important. Moving on again... "Blam, Bang" You again!!! Be attentive! N bring me back my shoe i just thrown!!! Oya, sorry guys! Back to lesson. Last aspect of function, Controlling. This is rather important. You need to practise control in a group. Monitor the situation and control the actions being taken. If let's say I got a group of Fictional Friends going for fine dining @ some posh Hotel, one of them is named Jolyn. And while eating, Jolyn is laughing out so loud that it is attracting the attention of the riches in the restaurant. A very embarassed situation! And what kind of actions to be taken to stop that is call controlling. A good action that invovles the 4 functions should be... Plan how many friends to shut her up. Organize who is going to smack her, who is going to pour red wine on her and who is go to stuff that lobster head into her mouth. Leading, identify the Leader for the action, Weekeong and assitant leader, Guoqiang! Last but not least, Controlling, you need to manage the time needed to get all this shit done. Thank you! *Clap clap clap* Thank you, thank you! Class!!! Next Lecture please bring your girlfriends to class. It is 'Meet The Girlfriends Bonding session with the lecturer' If you don't have girlfriend, you are bar from exam. Thank you! Class Dimissed!
Hmm... the hype is getting over my head... Been blogging this whole week, some unnatural pushing factor... Hmm... But I just want to share my THOUGHTS!!! Lalalala, Ninja!!! Swoosh!!! Bang!!! Ouch!!! 4 criteria of a lame joke in making... Tell you next time!!! Essaysss, here I come!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


21st April 2007,
I woke up in the morning with little sleep from the previous night. However, I was very happy. I wallked out of my room and I saw the breakfast that my mum had prepared. Its double brighten up my day!

You may wonder what is this picture doing here. This is because before I left my house I told myself that I will take pic of the first thing that appeals to me!!! And I will put it on the blog together with my happiness ( dun u see a ray of happiness?). . . Oya I was literally skipping to the bustop when I saw my neighbour and realized that I was stupid to do that! Omg...
By the way I apologised for the use of vulgarity in the previous article.
Serious shit again;
Thank you for lifting the fear away from me. Makes me realised what an understanding person you are. Because of that, I wouldn't mind starting like a infant again. Things will not be smooth, but at least I took the first step. We will work together and not just walk away. For this is the kind of r/s I wish to have. Glad to realize that you are beside me all these years, even though we had our commitments... It is a long start and a funny one to look back on... But never a regret to fall back on. I have made a decision and I am standing by it... Only times will show the fruit that will sprout from the seed that was planted.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm A LOser!!!

This is what I did in the Library again. Haha. This picture looks like it is from some comic strip or what. Haha. Great drawing right!!! Wahaha.

Fucking idiot. I am so stresed. Stupid projects one after another, stupid issues one after another!!! I am a FOOL man!!! FUCK MAN!!! Arghhh... Pissed!!! I am no Guru!!! I ahould get a LIFE!!! I HATE MY LIFE!!! I NEED HOLIDAYS! Arghhhhhhhh.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GDNITE!!! I AM SO EMBARASSED!!!


After tonight, I got a deeper understanding of why it is hard to open out your heart to sensitive topic. I was so scared to blurt out what I told myself not to. Like Jolyn said, it is hard to hold back. It is even harder to give things up that mean something to you. Haiz, I cannot sleep, cause my mind is chaotic. I have given up the chance to say it out but I'm not a happier person because of that. I needs assurance but i found none. I have regrets but it is ok! For I am used to not saying things out. I am indecisive because I want to be responsible. I am indecisive because I do not know what will happen. Here I am writing shit that probably nobody knows what I am talking about. But I don't care...
What good is it if the outcome is bad? Pessimistic Is My Friend. I am a Thinker. Stupid education system makes me weigh the pros and cons. I think too much sometimes.
Never mind that, I can always live in silence. You guys will see me with smiles and laughters and that is what I wished for. I am a pretender. A dark personification.
I have so many question but I have no answer. I think it is ok as long as you are happy. For I am such person.
Anyway I have so many things to do, but I don't know what should I do. I look for things to stress myself. Can you believe that? Maybe it is best if I have no expectation from anyone or anything. Haha.
Whahaha, I AM A COWARD!!! Cheers!!!
( It does not apply to any ppl in this case, I just typed for the sake typing. Cause I am tired )
I'm glad to have a blog.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unspoken Decision...

19th April 2007, a fun and funny day... ...

People reading this might think wat rubbish picture is that. It actually started out with the two human figures. But I and my friend while in the library added in all the other details. Bo liao is the words to describe. Haha, but I enjoyed every moment.

Can anyone guess what is this? Is it spiderweb or wat? Well, it is actually the reflection of the roof in the campus. Haha. I think it looks very intriguing. . .

Time for serious shit;

Why am I always stuck with things that I have no control over. There is always an invisible barrier that will just appears at the last moment. Denying my access or exit. Caught me in a dilemma.
I have no courage to overcome it because I feared the unknown. I don't like guessing, cause it gets you nowhere. I want an answer but do not dare to accept the answer. I am just a sensitive person. I do not let people enter into my lawn easily. Only a few have done it. And I realized it is easy to let you in but difficult for me to pull away.
I hate unnecessary constraint. Why is it that I always walked into my own trap? I wanted to, but I think you do not. I think you want to, but I think I think too much... ...
I'm giving up my relationship.
Cause it has a protocol then we cannot break through. This might be my concerns and it is never yours.
And maybe That is why I got a messy interpretation... I am my own tripping stone, not yours.

Whoo hoo!!! It is ok if you guys dun understd, becos i just want to WRITE IT OUT!!! Arghhh... I am so sleepy again. Gdnight!

The Addictive Bueno

Re: pls dun play with knife and satay sticks) It is dangerous.

17th of April 2007. A fantastic day to remember always. Today I met up with Rachel and we had our lunch together. As usual we went to the foodcourt and packed our food. (We dun dine in, because she don't like... She smell Evil...) While queueing up at the western food store, we saw a group of my friends. As I intro her to them, they were mumbling whether she is my girlfriend or not. Haha. So, when one the the guys ask the question. Rach denied profusely!!! Have you seen people on escatsy before? Only that she shakes her head in a double quick time. Gosh! Such a damping reaction, I wasn't even given time to react.

Nonetheless, we got our food and went on in search of the best seat. Instead we went for a school tour. Searching high and low but we can't find the perfect seats. Not giving up, we eventually decided to do something which i swear i will not do if not for her. We took up the administrator's table and have our lunch. Wonderful decision! We became the centre of attraction. People pointing, laughing and all sort of expression. BUT WE ARE ENGROSSED with our laughing to care much about them. ONLY ONE! One incident caught me offguard. We saw this girl in front of us laughing at us just when we are taking pic together!!! So embarassing sia. Wahaha...

After our great lunch, we went back to the library to revise and to do work. But that is not our only purpose. I think Rach wants to tear down the library with all her giggling and laughter (I am innocent) She was sneezing, coughing and tearing most of the time. So pitiful... Haiz *shake head* Haha. Becos of her flu, I need to get her tissue. So when she said buy more. I took it literally and bought ten packets. Ok what, but she laughed at me. U guys know how many she used? 4 packets within 1 hr. Wonderful. The next half of the programmes we had you wuldn't want to try it in any of the library. There were snatching of things, taking pics, searching for duck and chicken and many other more... (Shit hand aching) Oya I got her photo!!! haha. Mean so much to me... Dun ask me why!!!

Hmm... Seriously speaking, hw can I roam the school without her being around? She has always been so supportive in this Friendship... Been through shit and happiness. Although no one is perfect, but still she is the best... (hmm... can't go too detailed already, it is touching the sensitivity of heart- matters) Wahaha...

I am so drained!!! So many essays to edit!!! I am no guru!!!


Friday, April 13, 2007

My School Life...

Hello to whoever is reading this pathethic blog of mine. It has been some time since I last updated my blog. In fact since the start of my school I haven really have the interest to do so. So tiring everyday. And my life is so stagnant, haha. How to have a wonderful life when you have lessons 6 out of 7 days per week right! Luckily, I have besties that keep me going on. Thank you guys and babes, and you know who you are. Telepathy, psychic or whatever you want to use it also can. I have no problem about that. If you still do not know who you are, please call 1900 112 8883 for enquiries. (Pls call within working hours) Well well well, enough of my nonsense. I am going to share with you wandering souls about what I have been up to lately. Please stay tuned...

These two pictures here show another of my workpieces done. Another two satisfied customers. Haha. However, I am really not making much from it. Just marginal profits to speak of. Experience is what I am really seeking for at this point of time. And before I forget, I am setting up another blog site concentrating on the products available. Brandon is trying to be abit more professional. Hehe.

Into the 3rd weeks of school, I am going to show you guys what kind of school environment I am studying in... See this picture below? I am having one of my most favourite lecture, and can you guess what is it? Yesss... U are so right! Business Mathematics!!! (A'math) Stupid idiot! The previous intakes of student don't have to take it but I HAVE TO... No choice but to work hard for it.

Well, well, well, Look who's here... My favourite Mathematics Lecturer, Dr Bonaventure Loo. He got an impressive resume you know? He taught in Columbia University before. I wonders what is he doing in UniSim. Haha. Fyi, his wife is also a lecturer of mine. She teaches English for Business. A nice & understanding lady.

The next picture I have is this. No, no, no. It was not meant to be like this, it is actually a picture of my group members for MPO project. There was supposed to be 4 people in this shot. But all of them 'Siam' away from the camera. And thus I have this prominent lady in the middle of the picture. ( to dolly, this is dg ) Haha. I glad to be in this group as all of them are really nice chaps.

Did you see a beehive of activities or human here? I took it frm a bird-eye view. All this are actually graduates from University of London. So inspirating! Haha.
Haha, finally coming to the cuisine part. Our canteen is so multicultural, we have japanese cusine, western cuisine, malay cuisine, chinese cuisine n etc. And here we have Ramen! The fried tofu taste great. Sakae Sushi can sit on the fence if it ever intrudes into our campus. Haha. 3.50 dollars only, how to fight?

Not only is the food full of different cultures. The people I know are also from all over the Asia region. Here we have Linh, a nice chap from Hanoi, Vietnam. Others include people from Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan and even Tibet. One hell of a experience for me, really.

Last but not least, Leisure Time!!! This is our pathetic Student Lounge. We have only one working pool table for so many students. Stupid!
All in all, being in school again is great and I will embrace it whole-heartedly.

Monday, April 2, 2007

A wonderful day...

Such a fine sunny sunday, and the foursomes r back to their old routine. Meet up n do craps!!! N today we decided to make our presence felt @ Marina South!!! Wonderful!!! Cos GQ can finally do some damage to the marine environment!!! He is go to eat live crab with us!!!

Hence, we meet up e with jolyn @ NLB before heading for her car. The Tuscan looks comfy for the 3 guys but if u just place Jo alone. The VEHICLE look Monstrous!!! Take a look at the pic n u knw wat I'm toking abt!

See, the Phantom driving the car. In tune with the Phantom of the Opera in Singapore currently. ( No driver like tt )

N magically Jo appears... Dadada...

As usually such a nice posture n trademark smile!!! Pui' pui' Wait till u hear her laughter!!!

My camera phone can only take tt far... So u just gt to make do with it!!! See the Ferris Wheel!!! So picturesque...

The Gang from Hei long Branch jus alighted from the Tuscan... The blue one is call Hei Ji, the one in red is call Hei Dou n the one just bside the vehicle is call Hei Luo Mi...

See that Hei Luo Mi aka Jo? She need to lean against the 1000 years old tree to balance herself...

The Hei Long Gang in action... Trying to predict the result of soccer for that day. Im not available cos Im taking bets from punters all ard the island.

Well well well, Hei Ji is sick n tired of eating chicken everyday. So he decided to try his luck @ fishing. However becos he gt Ji Shuo ( chicken hand ) he did not catch a single fish at all... NOPE not even ikan billis.

Last but not least, Hei Dou the camera whore in our gang... He has to appear at every opportunity... I wonder y??? A) Is he attention seeker? B) Is he really a camera whore? Well we dun really knw. Haha

After our hearty dinner we strolled to the beach area. Along the way I took a pic. N guess wat!!! A dark shadowy figure standing in the middle of the lane... scary...

O n this I took it from the place where we r sitting by the waterbreaker at Marina Bay. N we gt into a debate. Is it call waterbreaker or break water? Jo n Gq sae geography term is breakwater but I and Wk supported the History term of waterbreaker... N who won? Only history has its ans...

N lastly a tribute to finishing a handmade notepad to Jolyn, n glad she like it. Boys, dun b jealous!!! Cos if u ask u might get it. ( actually Jolyn wanted to pay me, sae must support frenz. So supportive sia!!! )

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