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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Branchel is 2 years & almost 1 month!

20th April 2009 - 12th May 2009

Whoopee! We finally finished our exams and able to let down our hair for the time being. Haha. After almost a 'decade' of "Bi guan xiu lian", Rach & I made a trip down to VivoCity last Saturday. A well deserved date after such a long isolation from the outside world. The ocassion was definitely worth the celebration.

Well... Did I not mention something else? Saturday was the belated 'official' 2 years Anniversary of Brancheling. Yup! We are two years old already! It was supposed to be 20th of April. However, it clashes with our exams period. Hence, we have no choice but to postpone the celebration to another day. The idea of postponing it to after exam was a fabulous one. This is because we both enjoyed ourselves very much as we have all the 'time' left in the world after our papers. Haha.

VivoCity! Yes! First stop @ vivo, Bakerzin. Haha. Darling got soft spot for sweet stuff. She missed her macarons and bakerzin cakes the most. Haha. I realized I got higher tolerance for sweetness now. That is inclusive of the sweet love that Branchel always embrace or rather what we stand for. Wahahaha. Oya! Must mention this! Darling said I am so lame during our brunch at Bakerzin. Boo! "Darling, what is that beside your ear?". I reached for her ear and 'pulled' out a 'swarvoksi' crystals filled Hello Kitty handphone 'pendant'. Haha. Darling's reaction was to laugh non-stop and keep saying I'm so lame. Haha. Of course its not the gift that is lame but the action. Haha. I still thought I deserved a praise for doing something like that. Well, at least she likes it. Period.

Next programme on the list, 'Wolverine'! Yipee! Finally a movie after so long. Been looking forward to catching show since don't know how many grandmother days. Haha. O well, it was quite a nice show actually. Food for thought, the first 3 parts of X-men are better... So nice. So nice to rekindle the feeling of darling snuggling up to me while watching the movie. Huggies.

After our movie and short shopping stint at vivo, we start to make our way to Miramar Hotel. A place that will forever have a unique foothold in my heart. Quote, "I went there alone as a friend and to leave the very same place with her in my heart and now as my only love." Slurps! Ok, the main reason we went there was to have our dinner. The food there will never be the best but it is definitely not the worst. In fact the food are rather appetizing and it gives you an nostalgic feel. Oya, ps. I brought 'Samy' out and we took lots of pics with it. Haha. Rachel so photogenic can! I should confer her the Miss Photogenic award! Haha.

After our dinner, we went to Roberton Quay for a short stroll. As usual, we ended up at Liang Court in the end. Haha. After which I accompanied her home and spent some time by the poolside having our routine of sweet and simple conversations. The celebration for our 2nd year as Branchel may have ended, but fear not. For there will be many many more anniversaries that we will be spending together. Looking back at how far we both have come to, I'm glad to take this route in the first place. Everyday I wake up to be in love with her and only to rest enough so that I can spend the rest of my life with her.

Darling, I love you! Many kisses and hugs to you!


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