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Saturday, June 20, 2009

26 Months and counting...

Happy 26th Month Anniversary to Baby!

The month of June is a hectic one for my love literally. 4 loved ones of
Rach are celebrating their birthday in June. Your truly is one of them.
Haha. Anyway, Dearie already bought me a Ralph Lauren Polo Tee as present
and she will be bringing me to a wonderful place (in term of food) for
dinner. Giant Crabbies we are coming for you soon. Slurps!!! Oya, there
will be no doubt that we will be catching the movie -- Transformer: Revenge
of the Fallen. Lovely Fiancee, Cool Machines and hot babe but with not so
hero looking main actor. Haha. I love movie dates with Rach, love the way
she hold my arm and snuggle up to me. Haha. In the forseeable next week, I
think it will be a busy one. Especially from midweek onwards. Most probably
I will be having dinner appointments with Rach and Family on either
Wednesday or Thursday. Following on will be movie on Friday evening and BBQ
night on Saturday. As for Sunday? I definitely want to spend it with Rach
alone. A two persons date and a 'simple' dinner will be just fine. Haha.

Moving on, let's talk about something nearer, today is the 26th Month
Anniversary of Brancheling. Whoopee! I love my Rachel alot! This period of
romancing has been the best part of my life yet. I really treasure my relationship with you - Baby, and I promise to be faithful to you for as long as you want us to last. I wouldn't want to lose you because of anything stupid. Darling, a million thank you will never be enough for all the help and little gestures that u rendered to me during my appeal period. I may not be able to show how much it means to me but you can be assured that I will always remember what you have done. You have been a great support. Muack. Meanwhile, I hope I have been able to be of 'usefulness' to you when you needed my support. Haha.

Darling, Happy 26th Month Anniversary to you again. Everyday is a better day for me because I have you, and rest assured that my life will never be the same without you. For that I promise to love you for as long as you love me, and I would very much want to fulfil all of our promises that we have made to one another. Darling!!! I can't wait to see you soon (like in hours time) so that I can lay my lips on yours and tell you that I love you.

Good Night!!!

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