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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Examination bugs here again...

24th Feb 2008,

Boo, examinations are here again... Boredom and moodiness will follow suit. This semester so XXXXing difficult. I'm bad with formula and memorising and darn! I got Finance, Econs and OTQM filled with formula and calculations to the brim. Boo! How arh? To think I most likely to major in either Accountancy or Economic and Finance... Arghh... Stress, stress and stress. I should have taken up art degree, and most probably I would ended up setting up moblie stall for the next 10 years doing caricature of other people. Wahaha...

Darling, darling, darling, thank you for your understanding yah... Really appreciated. You must take care k. Don't take up too much assignments and put your health at risk. Muack.

& not forgetting JI gang, will catch up with you guys more during my hols.

Before that, I need to go and grab my lecture notes and bury my head into the piles of notes le... Bye bye... *sneeze*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy 10th Month Anniversary

20th Feb 2007,

Happy 10th Month Anniversary to you and me!

Hello darling!!! I want to let you know that I had one of the most intense moments in these two months. Chinese New Year, Valentine day, your birthday, phew*! Busy busy... However, I am not complaining. I love every special occasion that I got to spend with you. Simply because I love you!!! Huggies!!! Muacks! Many Kisses to my beloved darling!!! Cheers!

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