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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A ridiculously busy month... Feb...

2nd March 2009,

Tonight I have decided to remove the restriction on my blog.
I am sick of forgetting my password and having to key in email and password in order for me to see my own blog. Haha. Well, I think by now, except for Rachel, nobody actually come and view my blog. Hence, isn't it better to just remove the private profile status? Yes and that's what I have done. Tada...

Yes... There may not be a 22nd month mural but that does not mean that I love Rachel any lesser. It just reflect that both of us are so tied down by daily commitments that we have so little time for quality Branchel's time. Just a few days back I told Rach that I was rather guilty and I meant it in an apologetic manner. It has been long since I last realized that darling has a pair of 'chivas' eyes like mine. (Well, not that she reminds me of the same things anymore) Hahaha...
Well, I am now in a crossroad actually, so many things I have to do and pioritize. Damn. I hate to grow up. Sometimes, I guess I'm too exhausted by all the macro factors that I can just walk home without even remembering which way I took... My mind is blank. Simply 'lazy' with my routine.

Luckily, I have my love to fall back on and find comfort. Yes darling, you have always meant to be my destiny. Thank you for giving me the utmost support and providing me the strength/motivation to move on. No doubt none of us are perfect, but I'm confident we can overcome all of our present adversaries and emerge stronger than ever before; for we are Branchel.

Darling, I am always here for you... It is ok to let me know that you are vulnerable. I promise to hug you and 'put' you on my lap whenever you need a assuring gesture. I love the fact you are not so strong-headed when you don't have to be. I am a soft-hearted person. Soft tactics work well on me. Haha...

O well Rach is waiting for me... I so gotta call her now... As for more updates on the dinner with Jolyn and GQ, I guess I just have to postpone it to another day ba! Night! *Oya, the family issue that Darling is so pissed of with is from my side. Got nothing to do with her Dad or Mum side... Yes, she feels for my family cos she is part of my family. Tada!!!

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