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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25th Month it is!!!

Yipee!!! Branchel is 25th Month Old le! Happy Anniversary to u baby! Of course to me too. Haha. You know I am so in love with u baby? I'm telling you I am! 2 years and 1 month and still counting... Branchel is here to stay for very very long. Haha. I love you Rachel Teo! Oops! Su I meant. Recently, you have additional 'family members' added yah? BIL, MIL and FIL? Wahaha... Darling Fiancee, welcome to my family! I seriously think that you have won my family over yah? Now you are so at ease until you have no qualm about sleeping in fortress even when my family are around yah? Haha. Darling! Thank you for filling up my life with your laughter, feeding my heart with your love and showering my soul with your care. You will always be the most special person in my life and I promise to love you wholeheartedly.

Last but not least, Happy Anniversary to Branchel again! Muack!


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