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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Baby!!!

14th Feb 2009,

Our 2nd Valentine.

All of my life,
You are all that I’m waiting for.
You are what I have been dreaming of.
You have
taught me the art of unselfish love.
What if I never asked you before?
What if I never found u?
And what if I never knew you would allow me to walk into your life?
I never had this feeli
ng in my heart before.
How did this come to be? We have always been just friends.
I don’t know exactly how u found me, but I guess it is our destiny.
From that moment I saw you, deep inside my heart I knew.
Baby you’re my destiny - You and I were meant to be.
With all my heart
and soul, I’ll give my love to have and hold and as far as you want it to be.
Rachel, you are meant to be my destiny.
I always wanted someone like you.
Someone that I could hold on to
And give my love until the end of time
Forever used to be just a word, something that I only heard about before.
But ever since you’re always there for me, I now truly believe when you say forever.
From the day Branchel was started, there was something I always knew…
That you are only
one in a lifetime.
I have seen rainbow that could take my breath away.
And for shooting stars? I have seen a few…
But I have never seen anything that is as beautiful of you.
Darling, you’re all
I need
for you are my only Valentine.
My Valentine, I promise to give you all my heart until the end of time.
I love you.

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