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Monday, September 15, 2008

Anniversary approaching...

15th Sept...

Tada! I managed to reach home quite early today despite the fact that FA class ended quite late. I am definitely not complaining... Haha. So here I am! In mood for a short blog entry. Haha...

Recently, I have been trying to imagine what my future would be like... Seriously, it is really 'scary' to think about such thing. So many uncertainties in life and you wouldn't even know what lies in your way for tomorrow, let alone thinking about what will happen in the future. Irony yah... But you know, human tend to be contradicting and yes I am human too.

I like to imagine stuff, but I don't go overboard and that is why there are some restrictions that I set to prevent myself from over-indulging in my fantasy.

First of all, I aim to be 'practical' in my imagination. I don't want to appear to far fetch from the reality.

Secondly, I don't live in my imagination. After a brief moment of impracticality, I will tell myself to face the reality.

Lastly, even though those fantasy may not be possible at this moment, but just remember to keep those dream alife for the future.

Bullshit right! Full of shit sia... Haha...

But seriously, being a guy is not that easy (not that being a girl is). What I'm trying to say is that, in my opinion, I think that there are many responsibilities to be shoulder by a responsible man. As I grow in age, issues like marriage, good career and health, financial and family seem so personal. For instance, these few days I have been telling Rach that we have to plan for our future. From my cousins' experience, I realized that being financially stable will load off one potential problem for two person trying to grow old together. Yes, I want to grow old with Rach, and the fact that we both have made personal vows to be together for good is one good reason for me and for her to save for our marriage. I don't know what action will Rach be taking in order to save, but at least for me, I'm really trying to work hard now, in terms of studying and working, to make our life a better one in the future. Most importantly, I will force myself to be disciplined in saving.

People might say I am silly to talk about such things now, but then again, other than imagining about my future, it is never too early to think about and plan life in advance with the person you really love... I mean there are some other issues to think and worry about, but tonight, I just want to talk about Rachel. She is the motivation of my life, I will do anything within my means to make her my happy fiancee provided she wants me to be there for her. Really, I am motivated by her smile, and the tender loving care that she sometimes shower me with. 17th month anniversary is coming and I have never regretted a single day with the fact that I am with you, Rach. I have so much to say to you, but then again you probably know how sincere I am to you and how much I love you.

Hence, instead of blahhing non-stop, I am going to call you now to talk to you on the phone! Darling, wait for me k!!!

Random Pics again...

I will add in the comments tomlo... Provided I got time...

But meanwhile, I had a fabulous weekend after a busy week. I managed to spent it with my bro and most importantly, My Rachel Baby... Definitely the best when I have her company... A fruitful short weekend for me. Contented and couldn't be asking for more with the little time that I have.

It has been long since I have a full length pic taken with Rach, I think that is one plus point for double-dates ba. Wahaha...

I am glad that Rachel is happy too. Oya, I like the fact that Rach's popo always 'asked' about me. "Why he nv come?", don't ask me why but I jus love the acknowledgement I get. Haha...

I want to 'charm' her family soon...

O well, gotta lay my head on the pillow soon... Brandon signing off! Choy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A nice steamboat dinner

7 August 2008,

Have you people (if there are still ppl reading my blog lah) noticed that Rach is having a jolly good time with all her 'creative juice' for blogging recently? O my, all her entries are so sweet and well written can! If only I have half of her strong language! I could have written a love 'Quran' of sort all by myself and publish it for bucks! Wahaha... Not in this lifetime lah. Haha...

I know it is going to so sianz for me to say the same old thing again, but I really have to say this, "DARLING, I SO ADDICTED TO YOU CAN!!!" Wahaha... Nothing but the truth. Everyday, she is my main motivation. Whenever we are suppose to meet, my mood will lighten up instantly. No doubt. Arghh... I feel like quitting my job can... I want to concentrate on studies and most importantly, I want to be able to meet up with Rach as and when I want or even to pick her up after her tutoring. Boo... Now I can't. *Clench fists*

Anyway, I had a 'short' weekend due to having a company law test on a saturday afternoon! SEE!!! See, see!!! Get what I mean! No private time for me and my titide. Idiot! Haha...

We only managed to stay at home and spent some time with my mum on saturday.

On Sunday leh? Again... See my mum face... Haha. But the consolation this time is we have a quality time spent when we suggested having steamboat at the very last minute. My mum, Rach and me, my bro and his gf quickly went to NTUC supermarket for a fast and furious 30 mins food buying spree. Haha. Only to rush home and split up the preparation works among ourselves...

Look at this pic below, this is what we managed to prepare within an hour time. Superb! Lucky dad just come home to eat! Haha... Not complaining lah.

Can you find Rachie Baby? Haha... She is hiding behind my bro... Sometimes she is such a kiddo... No choice, that is just us! Fun and funny Branchel. Haha. I love her very much!!!

A lazy sunday can never dampen our saccharine love... She is my everything! My fiancee. I really like the fact that Rachel is really getting along really well with my family. I think time really proves everything. Can you believe? Rach crossed her legs and put on the chair throughout the dinner. So at home right!?! Haha... The pic below is one of the few I really like. At least iphone resolution is better than my htc touch. Still, I'm getting a camera soon. Hopefully in time for our late nov or dec getaway again. Hehe...
"I just love your smile the way it is, your smile have the power to push all my unhappiness to the back of my head. Your presence make me feel real and safe, only with you, I have my true love kiss. Even when you tear, you look beautiful... For your eyes sparkle and you look so helplessly dear that I have to hug you. Darling, you are everything to me and I really love you the way I swear at it. Don't ever doubt my love for you cause there will never be a need for it. Thy love you Rachel, thou shall promise it with my heart hanging by kris and be pierced if I ever lied."

Wahaha... Darling took these picture and I find it very cute. I want to pinch your face can!!! Muak.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Multi days

1 Sept 08,

It has really been a busy busy month for me...

Almost everyday I have tonnes of thing to do... It is like an ever-ending cycle of works and school, works and school...

Luckily, the highlights of this month; my brother's 21st birthday celebration helps to relieve abit of the 'monotoneness'.

He may be the focus of the celebration, but there are two beautiful souls who are feeling the jitters. Please welcome my dearie darling tian tian de and my bro the other half-Huiping. This is because, this is the very first time they get to see the whole (almost) of my paternal side family members.

Below are some of the pictures that we took that day.

THER WE ARE!!! Branchel and 'RU PING'!!! Wahaha...

The people in the picture below belongs to my maternal side... This is only like 75% of the actual strength. My maternal side family are strong in term of numbers. Haha.

Tada! This wonderful picture below is one of the very few pictures that my paternal side will gather together and take a family picture. Hence, it is 'more' precious. Again, this is not the full strength. Around 80% of closely blood-related are in this picture.

Can you please see closely... Rachel is in it too... Awww... It is a sign... Wahaha...

Having seen all the important figures from my paternal family tree, it is only right for me to pass the verdict on Rachel dear and Huiping 'performance' based on the feedbacks that I have gathered. However, I will only talk about Rach since I want to leave Huiping's part to my bro. Get it from him k.
Honest Verdict (in point form)
Nothing but the truth

. Ah gong is happy about you.
. Ah ma seem comfortable with you to hold your hands.
. Small gugu and Cousin open up to you and suggest that you look like Carina Lau.
. Big gugu joined in with the discussion and suggest you look like another actress too.
. My small uncle - no comment since I don't really know what happened when you went to take water in the corner and 'interrogate' by them.

I was right to ask you to smile more and open up yah? Haha... I think it is really a good start for a first intro. 80 over 100? Haha... We should always leave room for improvement yah? Haha. Thank you for making the effort yah. Really appreciated. Muak.

3rd September

HAPPY 21st to you BRO!!! All the best in life!!!

4th September 08

Boo!!! I haven had the best of health recently... Been sick ever since monday. 2.5 days MC and I still haven recovered. It is affecting my studies and work; even though it is secondary. Must be I have difficultly with all the late night projects and early work the next day. Boo...

Darling thanks and sorry for making you worried about me yah. Thanks since I like little 'mishap' to make you shower me with sweet loving tender love, care and concern. Wahaha...

The weekends are coming and I really hope I can relax and rest well. Really dislike the fact that I'm spending little time with you. You need to know I will always want to meet you as and when I could afford the time yah. Darling, you are important to me and it really does matter when my parents or anyone close telling me how good or what improvement you have made. It makes me feel that you are listening and really putting in the effort for us. Though we both have alot more to learn from lives, but I know we can make the best out of what we could yah. Cos I always believe your saying that 'Branchel triumphs all'... I love you darling. Good night.

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